The external website programme

The digital communications team is currently working on a programme of projects which will improve the core external facing website. This is called the external website programme (EWP). This programme used to be known as the digital communications programme (DCP).

The aim of the external website programme is to standardise, simplify and consolidate the design and content of the University’s core external facing website.

Alongside the web development projects managed within this programme, the digital communications team will provide resource to support other projects managed elsewhere within the University.

This work will be handled as consultancy and will be resourced and managed by the Business Transformation Portfolio Office (BTPO).

See Definition of a digital communications project (Word) for further information on the type of work that may be undertaken.

Submit an idea

While working on the external website programme, the digital communications team also support and maintain the existing University website. Support and maintenance requests should be sent to itservicedesk@st-andrews.ac.uk and marked FAO digital communications.

If you have an idea for a digital project that is not support or maintenance, this should be passed to the Business Transformation Board. Any project which will require project management or business analysis resource must go to BTB. Find guidance on proposals for the Business Transformation Board.

These proposals will be discussed by the Business Transformation Board, which usually meets once a month. Check the meeting dates on the BTB page. You may be asked to attend the BTB to support your proposal.

Once your idea has been considered you will be contacted with a decision.

External website programme board


The external website programme board (EWPB) exists to manage the projects required in order to complete the programme of external website projects.

The board will hold the digital communications team to account, and provide resource for the projects which make up the EWP.

The EWPB will:

  • Allocate resources to projects within the programme;
  • Monitor project status;
  • Provide portfolio status updates to the Business Transformation Board and the ICT Strategy and Planning Group;
  • Evaluate project and programme outcomes.


Board meetings are help approximately every six weeks, with a break in June and July. Meetings are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 5 December, 11am to 12 noon


The board membership is:

  • Quaestor and Factor (Chair)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • Deputy director of Corporate Communications
  • Senate Efficiency Review (SER) programme manager
  • Head of digital communications
  • Head of Business Transformation Portfolio Office