Phone campaign

One of the core activities of the Annual Giving programme is the delivery of two telephone campaigns – one in spring and one in autumn.


The aim of student callers is not only to raise money for key projects identified by the University but also to enjoy and benefit from the conversations they have and the consequent connections they make with alumni and parents based in the UK, Europe and the US.


During the 2015–2016 telephone campaign, almost 1000 pledges were received from our generous alumni and parent community: these raised in excess of £270,000 for the Phone Campaign projects listed below.

How you can help

Thank you very much if you took the time to talk to one of our student callers and discuss the possibility of supporting the 600th Anniversary Campaign with them. If you haven’t had the chance to talk to a member of our student-led team, you can still find out about the Phone Campaign projects below.

Become a supporter

Join our pledge, donate now and help us to build a bright future for generations of students to come.

If you are a graduate and a US taxpayer your gift could be matched by our University of St Andrews American Foundation.

If you give a gift this year (but not last year) your gift will be matched 100%. If you are a regular donor and you increase your gift, the increase will be matched 100% and additional gifts will also be matched 100%.

Phone Campaign projects

Below is a description of the Phone Campaign Projects for 2016–2017.

Appeal Fund

The Appeal Fund is a reserve that the University can use at short notice to support a particularly urgent project or an area of specific need. This fund is perfect for donors who would prefer the University to allocate their donation where it is most needed. In recent years the Appeal Fund has been used to support initiatives such as the St Salvator’s Quadrangle improvement project and the expansion of our Library’s Special Collections at Martyrs Kirk. It has also been used to increase the number of postgraduate scholarships available. To donate to the appeal fund select Area of University's current greatest need in the online donation form.

Family Book Fund

The Family Book Fund is a crucial initiative that enables the University Library to expand and enhance its academic collection for current students and faculties to access the highest calibre resources possible for their research. Donations go towards securing online literary manuscripts, collections of e-books and an extensive database of journals, surveys, photographs and reports published throughout the UK and overseas.

Contributions make a tangible impact: a £50 gift goes towards the purchase of an undergraduate textbook for students to share within a module, £70 grants us an electronic source that hundreds of students can access and review simultaneously and $250 secures a highly-coveted or rare multi-volume journal or text.

Sports Centre

Sport is an important part of student life at the University of St Andrews and we have one of the highest participation rates of any university in Scotland.

The University's vision of sport for all through the three pillars of excellence, experience and engagement led to a £14 million refurbishment and extension of our Sports Centre, to benefit not only students but the community of north east Fife.

The new Sports Centre comprises a state-of-the-art arena, a fitness centre (including a strength and conditioning suite for our elite athletes) and a four-court indoor tennis centre. We have further plans to add more facilities, including a much-needed swimming pool.

You can leave your mark on this redevelopment by personalising a bleacher seat within the arena or customising a seat inscription from £350 for generations of athletes and audiences to see. 

Student Activities Fund

There are currently 145 different societies within the University of St Andrews Students’ Association, covering every interest from theatre to sport to Harry Potter. This diverse collection of clubs and initiatives is one of the ingredients that makes the St Andrews experience so unique.

The Student Activities Fund is proud to support new clubs and initiatives or to maintain existing ones, but this is only possible through generous contributions from alumni, parents and friends.

With your help, we can give as many students as possible the chance to benefit from the experiences these societies provide and, in turn, enable them to give back to the St Andrews Community.

Wardlaw Scholarships

The Wardlaw Scholarships scheme gives recipients the financial security to concentrate on achieving a world-class education and to participate in experiences that are truly special to St Andrews. In recent years, the generosity of alumni has resulted in more undergraduates being able to benefit from these bursaries than ever before. Sponsor a Wardlaw Scholarship, and you can help to transform the life of a well-deserving student.