Mackenzie Institute

The Sir James Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis is a pioneering interdisciplinary research collaboration committed to fostering ideas and sharing knowledge and skills to enable earlier diagnosis of human disease.

Named after Sir James Mackenzie FRS, an early twentieth-century pioneer of medical research who lived and worked in St Andrews, it continues a longstanding tradition of medical education at the University.

We want to foster innovative ideas, share knowledge and enhance skills to facilitate the early diagnosis of disease, putting families at the heart of all that we do. We will lead and work with fellow centres and ethical companies from Scotland, the UK and around the world to diagnose disease early enough to make a difference.

Our early diagnosis focus areas are:

  • catching cancer
  • diagnosing dementia
  • saving sight.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

The Mackenzie Institute has well-established medical research collaborations with the Schools of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science, which is internationally renowned for its specialisms in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

New partnerships have been created with the Schools of Geography, Mathematics, and Psychology and Neuroscience. These relationships have opened new avenues of investigation into health data research, advanced digital diagnostics, biophotonics in early diagnosis, and the discovery of novel biomarkers of early human disease.

Our contribution

World-leading academic work is under way at the University of St Andrews and, together, we will make our mark on the future of medicine.

How you can support us

Support an ambitious, new interdisciplinary research centre for the early diagnosis of human disease.

We want to support brilliant young scientists from around the world and endow prestigious academic Chairs to continue to attract eminent experts in their fields to St Andrews.

We want to purchase state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and host key research meetings to bring the greatest medical minds together.

Evidence-based early diagnosis is the future of medicine. Please join us in making that future available for everyone.

school of medicine exterior
School of Medicine.

medical students in lab coats
Medical students in the lab at St Andrews.