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St Andrews Rugby - 1858 Club

The University of St Andrews RFC is one of the world's oldest rugby clubs - and the birthplace of running rugby.

The 1858 Club was created to support the development of the rugby programme in St Andrews and offer a way for former players, friends and family to stay connected and help sustain the club’s long and distinguished history.

Coaching Fund

With the support from our loyal alumni, parents and friends, the coaching fund helps support a team of highly skilled coaches who work with the players to en- sure the performance of the team is continually developed.

Covering areas such as technical skills training, video analysis, strength and conditioning and club administration, the additional members of the coaching team offer the rugby programme a greater level of detail, growing our ability to provide feedback to individuals and the teams, and making our players fitter and healthier.

To donate to the 1858 Club please select 'Rugby Coaching (1858 Club)' from the drop-down menu of our donation form. Alternatively, you can choose to make a general donation towards the rugby programme by selecting 'Rugby'.