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When founder John Browne started the University of St Andrews Boat Club in 1964 he had “no water, nobody to row with and no oars”
Nevertheless, he created a club that has gone onto become a major force at the British University Championships.

Join our other alumni and friends, support the University Boat Club and help us to progress towards the top of British University rowing.

Project 24

Our goal is to raise funds to expand our fleet of boats so we can take our success to the next level, building on the unprecedented results of recent seasons. Project24 takes its name from the aspiration of the club to increase the fleet size by 24%. Our initial goal is to raise £17,500 for one boat, but we are ambitious and ideally we would like to raise £35,000 for two boats. It’s a large number and the most ambitious fundraising project we have ever undertaken, but we have faith that our strong network of supporters will help us achieve our goals, perform to the best of our abilities and take the University of St Andrews Boat Club to a new level.

Please help us succeed!

Any amount of support is greatly appreciated, whether a small, medium or large financial contribution. You can also support Project 24 by spreading the word and help us reach as many people as possible. We can do this one boat at a time with your help! Thank you.

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