Sponsor a seat and support sport on the court

More than half of St Andrews students participate in sport in anything from 50 clubs and 45 weekly classes to 100 highly competitive national and international teams: the redevelopment of the Sports Centre will provide them all with the essential facilities and resources they need to develop and improve.

To fund these sporting facilities we are giving you, our students, alumni and friends the opportunity to make your mark by putting a personalised message (such as your name, an inside joke or your favourite sports team) on the bleacher seats in the new sports arena. These seat plaques will showcase the diversity and generosity of the University community for many years to come.

A gift of £350 or $500 will enable current and future students to watch their friends compete and enjoy new and improved sporting facilities for all!

To make your donation please complete our online donation form. Donors from the US please use this online form.

If you would like to ask more about the seats please contact us.