Coronavirus information and guidance

Student Support Fund

What is the student support fund?

Our immediate priority is to help both undergraduate and postgraduate students affected by this pandemic who may:

  • be unable to go home because their families are self-isolating or at risk.
  • be without access to the technology necessary to study online at home or keep them from being isolated from their peers.
  • have lost income from part-time work but are still liable to pay private rent.
  • need additional bursary or stipend support to complete their studies over a longer period of time.
  • require additional help through exceptional circumstances.

Why are we asking for help?

We are continuing to support our students – but we can’t do this by ourselves.

We have come through many seismic events during our more-than 600 years of history and, with your help, we will come through this too.

Please help our students now.

Donate to the fund

This fund is supported by your charitable donations only. Please help a student in need. Thank you.