Coronavirus information and guidance

Principal's Strategic Response Fund

What is the Principal's Strategic Response Fund?

Our general fund for all other aspects of Covid-19 related impacts across the University community; from research to training, to student experience, to engage with and support our local community and day to day operations of the University.

Why are we asking for help?

We are currently in an unprecedented situation. Administered by the Principal’s Office, this fund supports two key areas:

  • Principal’s Strategic Response Fund: to reach the University’s areas of greatest need at this exceptional time.
  • University Community Fund: to engage with and support our local community, to listen to ideas, adapt to local needs, and provide financial support to deliver tangible benefits for the wider community.

We have come through many seismic events during our more-than 600 years of history and, with your help, we will come through this too.

Please help us now.

Donate to the fund

Please help us to ensure the future safety of our students, local community, faculty and staff and support our ongoing research.

Thank you.