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Franchising - The key to rapid business growth

Manzoor G K Ishani, MA 1972

This book of 600 ages, sets out a step by step (39 steps in all) guide to setting up and operating a franchise business.

Chapters include:

  • The difference between a business format franchise and a distributorship, agency and other forms of intellectual licencing.
  • The Advantages and disadvantages of franchising Developing the concept and organisation Ethical franchising
  • Testing the system – proving it works
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Know how - show how
  • Financial aspects including sources of income and how much to charge
  • Selecting franchisees
  • The pitfalls of exclusive territories and minimum performance targets
  • Managing and controlling a franchise network
  • The nuts and bolts of a franchise agreement
  • Contract enforcement
  • Resolving disputes with franchisees
  • Multi-unit holders of the same franchise
  • Co-branding operations
  • A successful franchisor’s dilemma
  • The problems of Regional Master Franchising
  • Going international
  • What happens if a franchisor fails
  • Franchise regulation
  • Sample franchise agreements

Abstract of a review by Business Money magazine: “It is wit and wisdom allied to the sound advice that always comes from seasoned practitioners, that makes Franchising such a great read.

The main content is comprehensive yet digestible; learned yet explanatory; academic in its scholarship yet pragmatic in its application.”

The book includes a foreword by Sir Bernard Ingham (former: Non- executive Director of McDonald’s UK and President of The British Franchise Association)

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ISBN: 978-1911589716 Publisher: The Choir Press

ISBN: 978-1-911589-71-6