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University of St Andrews Greenland Expedition, Cape Farewell, 1971

Anthony Shaw, BSc 1974

Through a collection of nearly 200 photographs, combined with a selection of maps, illustrations and narrative, the book chronicles the exploits of the 1971 University of St Andrews expedition to the Cape Farewell region of Greenland. The main expedition base was established in the area between Tasermiut fjord and the lake, Taserssuaq.

Exploration into the adjacent areas, including the infamous Qinguadalen, was through a series of climbing camps. The challenges of the terrain and the vagaries of the weather were overcome. More than 30 first ascents were made and most are illustrated in the book. The material presented combines a selection of detail from the original expedition report with photographs and personal accounts from expedition members. 

A prolonged stay in Nanortalik awaiting the arrival of their supplies and equipment, enabled the group to explore the local area, including a brief visit to the nearby island of Sermersoq. They were also able to join in and record the local celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the 1721 rediscovery of Greenland by Hans Egede. Details of canoeing trips, exploration of Viking sites and a summary of botanical survey findings complete the account. 

Also included, is a guide for finding further information on the exploration history and the travel and tourism opportunities in this fascinating area.

ISBN: 9781367878785