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Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms - A Guide for Teachers in International Schools

Coreen Sears, MA 1965

This book is the latest of several whole books and chapters I have written and which have been published by Multilingual Matters. The book is designed as a guide for teachers working in the many established and recently opened international schools which are now to be found throughout the world. 

It is designed to address the challenges that face tachers in schools that offer both bilingual and English-medium curricula to a diverse student body. The book is applicable both to schools that have a globally mobile population of students and to schools whose student bodies largely comprise children from the locality in which the school is based. 
These schools are increasingly valuing and nurturing the bilingualism of students whose first language is not English. The book is designed to guide teachers through the classroom strategies which will enable bilingual students in English-medium classrooms to develop and maintain both/all their languages. The programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation are to be found in many of these schools and the book offers many practical suggestions about making these programmes accessible to second language (emergent bilingual)students. 
The book addresses the issues of culture and identity which affect students who are being educated in English-medium schools. It also offers loads of material relating to the use of embedded technology in these settings, an area where international schools are very proactive. The approach is practical and designed to reflect real-life experiences for teachers in diverse classrooms.

ISBN: 978-1-78309-327-4