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BUSINESS WRITING TIPS; For Easy and Effective Results

Robert Bullard, Economics, 1987

"Writing is not easy", says the book's author Robert Bullard, "but it is a skill that can be learnt", he insists, and his book's 170 concise and practical tips will help anyone who wants guidance or ideas to boost their writing.

Among the 17 topics covered (each topic/chapter has 10 helpful tips) are ones such as: What you can learn from professional writers, How to write with ease and speed, and How to grab your readers' attention.

Also covered are how to improve – and increase the impact of – essential business communications such as websites, case studies, reports and press releases.

Bullard wrote for national newspapers in the UK for 10 years, and now works as a copywriter, trainer in writing skills, and editor/proofreader. It's an unusually wide experience, and it makes him well placed to help anyone wanting to improve, energise or gain confidence in their writing.

He gives ideas for finding your writing voice, persuading target customers, and overcoming challenges such as writers block. And he has guidance on getting a text ready for publication. You can dip into the chapters as needed on grammar, punctuation, editing and proofreading.

The book is attractively laid out, and full of eye-catching extras which make interesting reading in themselves: Key Learning Points, inspirational quotes about writing ("After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world," says Philip Pullman) and example texts from the business world – of which a review of this book in SelfPublishing Magazine said: "The story of 'It's just a shower' is worth the price of this book alone."


Each chapter ends with writing exercises and suggestions for further reading. And an index has been added since publication, which is available directly from the author.

ISBN: 978-0-9931898-0-7