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Gorilla Greek

Anne Wright, MA 1993

Gorilla Greek is an appealing introduction to Classical Greek for younger pupils. Many of the 72 pages show an image of the Gorilla with a caption in Greek which describes what he is doing. An English derivation is provided as a hint to the meaning of the caption. A translation is also provided (although printed upside down to encourage decoding). 

There are also eleven double-page spreads (‘Greek Around You’) which explain how Greek words are commonly used in every area of the curriculum from Maths to History, P.E. and Music. These make Gorilla Greek an ideal introduction to the language for both schools and individuals. The book has an alphabet guide, a guide to verbs and a dictionary of words used. 

Price (including p&p) = £12.50 for a single copy; £12 for multiple copies. Order via website or

ISBN: 978-0-9926200-0-4