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Head over Heels; in the hotseat at Millfield School

Christopher Martin, MA 1963

This is a snapshot of the headteacher's life at the heart of the UK's largest co-educational boarding school. In her preface, Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education, writes, "This book is testament to the power of teachers to change lives." 

Christopher Martin kept a record of anecdotes that made each day memorable to him, some inconsequential, others extraordinary. Millfield has a reputation for excellence and it is clear that the triumphs and successes of pupils and staff fed his enthusiasm and passion. It is to his credit that his sense of humour appears not to desert him as he deals in a calm and collected way with the exigencies of those who surround him. 
The Times Educational Supplement's review states, "This book will captivate anyone with an interest in education... It is essential reading for aspiring heads... It is also testament to Churchill's famous observation that headmasters are more powerful than prime ministers."

ISBN: 078-0-95395-615-9