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Productivity Knowhow

Dick Smythe, B Sc 1965

Productivity is the most important issue facing any manager at any level in any sector - and any government minister too. A paucity of 'productivity knowhow' means that many managers are 'flying blind' when running their teams and most organisations in most sectors, public and private, operate well below their productivity potential.

As a result, there is huge scope to increase national prosperity levels, and to provide public services for much less cost. This book targets those managers who are interested in making big improvements. Unlike other business books, the entire productivity improvement process is covered, from selecting the right measures, to setting sound targets, through to the implementation of improvement solutions. Based on the experience of many top-class management consultants and their knowledge of 'what works', the book uses bullet points, diagrams and colour to make it easy to read and understand.

Hopefully, it will enable managers to make a big difference.

ISBN: 978-0-9569969-4-7