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Write Short Stories and Get Them Published

Zoe Ann Fairbairns, MA 1972

This book is an introduction to short story writing. It is intended for new writers, as well as those who are already established in other genres. Written in plain, accessible language, its first aim is to get you writing. With this in mind, it sets out to stimulate, motivate, educate, inform, provoke and amuse.

It includes writing exercises, cautionary tales, useful quotations, suggestions for further reading, and guidance on how to locate and approach publishers. The author was a student at St Andrews between 1967 and 1972, during which time she published several short stories and her first two novels. Since then she has published six more novels, as well as journalism, pamphlets and a collection of short stories. Her stories have also been broadcast on BBC Radio Four.

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ISBN: 978-1-444-12403-3