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Web links

The web can be both a mine of useful information as well as a minefield of temporary sites and less relevant data. Providing a full and up-to-date range of relevant websites is virtually impossible and certainly somewhat beyond CSEAR's limited resources.

However, we have sought to update our previous links and suggest a few of the key sites that either we find useful or which have been recommended to us. We are not, however, offering an endorsement of a site simply by listing it. There is, inevitably, overlap between the categories of sites but we hope you find the following of some use. Please do not hesitate to suggest better sites, which you think we should link to and we will do our best to update the links.

NB If you haven't already visited the section on "How to research a company" by Carol Adams and Yvonne Laing (which is in this section of the CSEAR website) please do so as it contains many excellent links.

Note: External websites are not the responsibility of the University of St. Andrews or CSEAR.