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What is social and environmental accounting?

CSEAR receives many hundreds of enquiries and requests - especially from students and researchers new to the field. This set of pages has been designed with these queries in mind.

Based on the experiences of the last 21 years or so we have put together a series of information resources that will, we hope, help both students and new researchers through their initial explorations of social and environmental (and sustainability) accounting, auditing and reporting and related topics. (Other sections of the website contain more advanced material).

Please work through these pages and follow up the suggestions made there. If you still have queries after looking at the pages and reading the material, please then contact us. (It is far easier for us to answer questions and provide useful guidance if the enquiry is both specific and informed by a bit of reading.) Please note that enquiries from non-members may be charged for.

We will be trying to regularly update and develop this set of pages. If you have any comments or suggestions about these pages, please do not hesitate to contact CSEAR.

This mini-lecture was a first experiment in trying to produce a digestible short version of a full paper for wider consumption. In this particular lecture, Rob Gray tries to synthesise the essential argument from a range of papers concerned with the failures of academe, the profession and practice to honestly and empirically confront the exigencies of sustainability and its implications for accounting and business.


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CSEAR Education - is designed as a sharing resource whereby csear members and other social and environmental accounting educators can learn from each, avoid 're-inventing the wheel' and allow social, environmental and sustainability accounting education to evolve and develop.