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Reg Mathews Memorial Prize

Winner of the Reg Mathews Memorial Prize 2017 

Each year the Executive Editorial Board of the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal (SEAJ) award a prize for the paper published in the journal that we consider to have made the most significant contribution towards the social and environmental accounting literature. 

The editorial board have decided that the Reg Mathews Memorial Prize for 2017 should go to:

Vik, P. (2017). What’s so social about Social Return on Investment? A critique of quantitative social accounting approaches drawing on experiences of international microfinance, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal 37(1), pp. 6-17. 

This year was a close choice – so the Editorial Board would also like to recognise the following paper as “highly commended”

Dillard, J. & Pullman, M. (2017) “Cattle, Land, People, and Accountability Systems: The Makings of a Values-based Organisation”, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 37(1), pp. 33-58 

About the Prize

The Reg Mathews Memorial Prize is an annual award for the paper considered to have made the most significant contribution towards the social and environmental accounting literature published in Social and Environmental Accountability Journal (SEAJ). The paper is selected by the editorial board of SEAJ and is named in memory of Professor  Reg Mathews, a leading figure in the development of social and environmental accounting.  The award was established in 2013, and first awarded in 2013 for papers published in 2012.  

Professor Reg Mathews

Professor Reg Mathews was one of social accounting's most influential and earliest pioneers. An academic for most of his life, he was a prolific author and an exceptionally generous colleague. His influence on the emerging field of social accounting was manifest equally in his tireless support of new academics and in his important papers on such matters as education, approaches to practice and state-of-the-art reviews of the subject. He was the founding joint editor of "Social Accounting Monitor" which paved the way for the international CSEAR community and which developed over time into what we now know as "Social and Environmental Accountability Journal".

The CSEAR community honoured Reg with a Festchrift entitled "Social Accounting, Mega Accounting and beyond" in 2007 and it is entirely fitting that his inestimable contribution be remembered in this annual prize. Reg died in 2012 after a long illness.

Prof. Rob Gray, University of St.Andrews 


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