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Social & Environmental Accountability Journal

The Journal of The Centre of Social and Environmental Accounting Research

From Volume 18 No.2 onwards

Social and Environmental Accountability Journal is published twice per year and distributed free to members of the Centre. It continues the work of Social Accounting Monitor as a major element of the social and environmental accounting network. It provides referred and reviewed articles and keeps members up to date with developments in the Centre. The Journal is particularly noteworthy for its extensive reviews of recent books and journal articles of relevance to researchers, practitioners and students in the field.

The editors of SEAJ are Jan Bebbington, University of St Andrews and Jeffrey Unerman, University of Manchester.  Enquiries about SEAJ and items for inclusion should be sent directly to CSEAR, see 'contact CSEAR' for correspondence address.


If you wish to have a look at the contents page and editorial of selected issues, follow the appropriate links in the table.

2017 Volume 37 No 1  Volume 37 No 2  
2016 Volume 36 No. 1
(Special Issue)
Volume 36 No 2  Volume 36 No 3
2015 Volume 35 No.1 Volume 35 No 2
(Special Issue)
Volume 35 No 3
2014 Volume 34 No.1
(Special Issue)

Volume 34 No. 2
(Special Issue)

Volume 34 No.3 
2013 Volume 33 No.1
(Special Issue) 
Volume 33 No.2
Volume 33 No.3
2012 Volume 32 No.1 Volume 32 No.2
(Special Issue)
2011 Volume 31 No.1  Volume 31 No.2  
2010 Volume 30 No.1 Volume 30 No.2  
2009 Volume 29 No.1  Volume 29 No.2  
2008 Volume 28 No.1 Volume 28 No.2  
2007 Volume 27 No.1 Volume 27 No.2  
2006 Volume 26 No.1  Volume 26 No.2   
2005 Volume 25 No.1 Volume 25 No.2  
2004 Volume 24 No.1 Volume 24 No.2   
2003 Volume 23 No.1 Volume 23 No.2  
2002 Volume 22 No.1 Volume 22 No.2   
2001 Volume 21 No.1 Volume 21 No.2  
2000 Volume 20 No.1 Volume 20 No.2   
1999 Volume 19 No.1 Volume 19 No.2  
1998 contact CSEAR Volume 18 No.2  


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Current Issue: Volume 37 No.1 

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