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Links to Sources of Practice

Recent years have seen a proliferation in various aspects of social, environmental and sustainability accounting and reporting activities encompassing, for example, corporate disclosures, quasi-standards and disclosure analysis. We provide here an indicative list of websites you may find it useful to look at for examples of different features of practice in this arena. This listing is not of live links as addresses change rather frequently and inclusion here is not an endorsement in any way. Web searches using terms such as ‘sustainability reporting’, ‘social and/or environmental disclosures’, ‘corporate responsibility’, ‘carbon reporting’, greenhouse gas disclosures’ may also yield material of interest. Happy hunting!

CSEAR_acca ACCA Reporting Awards

CSEAR_sustainabilityatworklogo Prince of Wales Accounting For Sustainability Project

CSEAR_aicpalogo AICPA – Guide on Sustainability Reporting

CSEAR_carbondp The Carbon Disclosure Project

CDSB: Climate Disclosure Standards Board

CSEAR_corpreg Corporate Register

CSR: Corporate Sustainability Reporting


Equator Principles

CSEAR_grilogo Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

ILO: International Labour Organization

CSEAR_sustainability International Corporate Sustainability Reporting

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

Integrated Reporting

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PRI: Principles for Responsible Investment

CSEAR_global180 SustainAbility: Global Reporters Programme

CSEAR_tsr1 The Sustainability Report

UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme

UN Global Compact

Please note: inclusion of material in this section of the CSEAR website does not mean that the pdfs or external sites are endorsed by CSEAR. These links to information and articles supplied by external services are not in any way under the control of CSEAR or the University of St Andrews. We regret, therefore, that we cannot be held responsible for the content, continued existence or accuracy of any external content.