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External Social Audits: examples

A  selection of independently produced 'accounts'

CSEAR_getacroMost of the following documents are in pdf format. You may wish to update to the latest version of Adobe Reader

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image002 Counter Information Services (1973?): 
The Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation Ltd Anti-Report (PDF, 6,107 KB)

CSEAR_ford-logo Counter Information Services (1973?):
Ford Anti-Report (PDF, 7,308 KB) 

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image004 Social Audit Ltd (1976): Avon Rubber Company (reproduced with permission)
Medium quality (PDF, 36,851 KB)  or Low quality (PDF, 12,607 KB) 

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image002_0000 Barclays Shadow Report 1982 (PDF, 2,155 KB) 

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image006 Action on Smoking and Health (2002):
British American Tobacco: The other report to society (pdf)

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image008 Friends of the Earth (2002):
Amec Counter Report 2002 (PDF, 470 KB) 

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image008 Friends of the Earth (2002):
Failing the Challenge: The Other Shell Report 2002 (PDF, 299 KB) 

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image002_0001 Greenpeace: Climate Crime File – Land Rover (2005)

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image002_0001 Greenpeace: Climate Crime File – Esso (2005) (pdf)

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image011 Oxfam and Unilever: Exploring the links between international business and poverty reduction (PDF, 957 KB) A case study of Unilever in Indonesia (Principal author: Jason Clay.)

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image013 Behind the mask. The real face of corporate social responsibility (PDF, 1,130 KB)  Copyright © Christian Aid. 2004. Reproduced with permission.

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image013 'The shirts off their backs: How tax policies fleece the poor'. Copyright © Christian Aid. 2005. (pdf available via

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image013 'Death and taxes: the true toll of tax dodging'. Copyright © Christian Aid. 2008. (pdf available via

CSEAR_ext-aud-examples_clip_image013 'Blowing the whistle: time's up for financial secrecy'. Copyright © Christian Aid. 2010. (pdf available via

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