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The Centre for Social and Environmental Research (CSEAR) is an international membership-based network that aims to mobilise accounting scholarship to enable a more sustainable society.

CSEAR aims to be a world-recognized, global community of scholars who engage with students, activists, practitioners, policy makers and other interested groups in order to generate and disseminate knowledge on social and environmental accounting and accountability. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate high quality, relevant research, teaching and external engagement with practice and policy through developing knowledge, expertise, resources and a supportive network for mentoring and career development.

CSEAR activities include:

CSEAR has clear organisational and governance arrangements comprising

In addition, CSEAR is supported by Honorary Fellows from the world of academia, public and private sectors and civil society. Finally, CSEAR is supported by the faculty and research students at School of Management at the University of St Andrews, and in particular by the Ethics, Sustainability and Accountability thematic group.