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Court and Senate Office

The Court and Senate Office exists primarily to ensure the efficient and effective administration of the University Court, the University Senate and their major committees (including Academic Council). The Court and Senate Office is also a source of advice and guidance on all matters pertaining to the administration of the University’s supreme governing body, Court, including arrangements for the recruitment, induction and appraisal of Court members. It also handles elections to Court and Senate from various constituencies aligned to the University, including triennially the Rector’s election as ordinary President of Court. The Court and Senate Office is additionally responsible for the handling of matters related to end-stage academic student appeals, including liaison with external bodies such as the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.


College Gate
North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AJ


For all enquiries related to the University Court, please contact For all enquiries related to the University Senate, including Academic Council matters and Stage 2 academic student appeals, please contact


Dr Gillian MacIntosh
Executive Officer to Court and Senate
Phone: 01334 46 2526

Gillian reports directly to the Vice-Principal (Governance) and is responsible for the senior administrative management of the University’s two core governing bodies, the University Court and University Senate.

Gillian oversees and co-ordinates the efficient running of Court, Senate and their major committees, and is clerk to both Court and Academic Council, the Audit and Risk Committee, the Governance and Nominations Committee and the Planning and Resources Committee, amongst others.

She also provides advice and guidance to Court and Senate members on all matters pertaining to the administration of each governing body, including arrangements for the recruitment, election, induction and appraisal of Court and Senate members. Gillian is additionally responsible for leading the processes surrounding final-stage student academic appeals, including those investigated by the external Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

Gillian has a PhD in Scottish History from St Andrews and is also project manager of the Scottish Parliament Project and editor of the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland online database. Gillian is author of a number of works on the history of the seventeenth-century Scottish Parliament, including the monograph The Scottish Parliament under Charles II 1660-81.

Dr Karen Stewart
Secretary, Court and Senate Office
Phone: 01334 46 2005

Karen’s primary role is to provide administrative support to the Executive Officer to the University Court and Senate. Karen also provides assistance to University Court members, by helping to arrange transport, accommodation, catering, meetings, diary co-ordination and any other logistics that will ensure the smooth and successful operation of the University Court.

The Senate side of Karen’s role is to assist in the administrative handling of student academic appeals, collating all necessary information from the student and School(s) involved, in order for the assessors to make their judgement on the case. Karen subsequently assists in the preparation of the outcome letter to the student advising them of the assessors’ decision.

Prior to moving to the University of St Andrews, Karen was a lecturer in sport at the University of Edinburgh and at Adam Smith College in Fife. She successfully completed her PhD at Loughborough University as a mature student in 2007, with a thesis titled ‘Expert Performers’ Socialisation into Sport’, whilst also working as a researcher on youth sports projects.