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Postgraduate Course Catalogue 2007-2008

2007 - 2008 PDF files

The links below lead to pages in PDF format. PDF files require Adobe Reader software.

This material was updated on 4 December 2007.

Any changes made subsequent to these will be shown in the Stop Press Document, but also implemented in the files below.

PG Stop Press -January 2008 (Word, 110 KB)

Section PDF file 
Introduction & Glossary of Terms PG Introduction 2007-2008 (PDF, 24 KB)
Introduction Appendix PG Introduction Appendix 2007-2008 (PDF, 15 KB)
General Guidance PG General Guidance 2007-2008 (PDF, 42 KB)
Postgraduate Regulations PG Regulations 2007-2008 (PDF, 151 KB)
List of Postgraduate Taught Courses PG Taught Programmes 2007-2008 (PDF, 17 KB)
Programmes and Modules   
School of Art History PG Art History 2007-2008 (PDF, 134 KB)
School of Biology PG Biology 2007-2008 (PDF, 215 KB)
School of Chemistry PG Chemistry 2007-2008 (PDF, 33 KB)
School of Classics - including Ancient History, Classical Studies, Greek and Latin PG Classics 2007-2008 (PDF, 92 KB)
School of Computer Science PG Computer Science 2007-2008 (PDF, 41 KB)
School of Divinity PG Divinity 2007-2008 (PDF, 34 KB)
School of Economics & Finance PG Economics & Finance 2007-2008 (PDF, 196 KB)
School of English PG English 2007-2008 (PDF, 28 KB)
English Language Teaching PG ELT 2007-2008 (PDF, 79 KB)
School of Geography & Geosciences
School of History - including Arabic, Mediaeval, Modern and Scottish History PG History 2007-2008 (PDF, 313 KB)
InterDisciplinary Modules PG InterDisciplinary 2007-2008 (PDF, 101 KB)
School of International Relations PG International Relations 2007-2008 (PDF, 274 KB)
School of Management PG Management 2007-2008 (PDF, 296 KB)
School of Mathematics & Statistics PG Mathematics & Statistics 2007-2008 (PDF, 182 KB)
School of Modern Languages - including French, German, Italian, Linguistics, Russian and Spanish PG Modern Languages 2007-2008 (PDF, 423 KB)
School of Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies - including Film Studies, Philosophy and Social Anthropology PG Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies 2007-2008 (PDF, 223 KB)
School of Physics & Astronomy PG Physics & Astronomy 2007-2008 (PDF, 83 KB)
School of Psychology PG Psychology 2007-2008 (PDF, 44 KB)