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Postgraduate Course Catalogue 2017 - 2018

illustrative of current session; indicative, but not definitive for future sessions

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Postgraduate Regulations


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 To view our offerings as a complete document, see: Postgraduate Course Catalogue 2017-2018 (PDF, 10,048 KB)

SectionProgramme PDF - requirements and modules
Introduction and Glossary of Terms  Postgraduate Introduction and Glossary (PDF, 60 KB)
Postgraduate Regulations
List of Postgraduate Taught Courses  2017 - 2018 Postgraduate Taught Programmes (PDF, 61 KB)
Programmes and Modules for 2017 - 2018


School of Art History

 Art History - MLitt (PDF, 95 KB)

History of Photography - MLitt (PDF, 100 KB)

Museum & Gallery Studies - MLitt (PDF, 81 KB) (full-time, part-time and Postgraduate Diploma)

National Trust for Scotland Studies (See Museum and Gallery Studies above)

School of Biology

Ecosystem-Based Management of Marine Systems - MSc (PDF, 96 KB)

Marine Mammal Science - MSc (PDF, 84 KB)

Sustainable Aquaculture - MSc (PDF, 122 KB)

Sustainable Aquaculture - PG Diploma (PDF, 118 KB) (Invertebrates / Vertebrates)

Sustainable Aquaculture - PG Certificate (PDF, 79 KB)

School of Chemistry

 Catalysis - MSc (PDF, 131 KB)

Chemical Science - MSc (PDF, 142 KB)

Chemistry - MPhil (PDF, 147 KB)

School of Classics  Classics - MLitt (PDF, 181 KB)
School of Computer Science

Advanced Computer Science - MSc (PDF, 58 KB)

Advanced Computer Science with English Language - MSc (PDF, 86 KB)

Artificial Intelligence - MSc (PDF, 74 KB)

Artificial Intelligence with English Language - MSc (PDF, 100 KB)

Computer Communications Systems - MSc (PDF, 71 KB)

Computer Communication Systems with English Language - MSc (PDF, 101 KB)

Computer Science - EngD (PDF, 93 KB)

Computing & Information Technology - MSc (PDF, 76 KB)

Computing & Information Technology with English Language - MSc (PDF, 101 KB)

Data-Intensive Analysis - MSc (PDF, 103 KB)

Dependable Software Systems - European Masters (PDF, 76 KB)

Human Computer Interaction - MSc (PDF, 89 KB)

Human Computer Interaction with English Language - MSc (PDF, 110 KB)

Information Technology with English Language - MSc (PDF, 75 KB)

Management and Information Technology - MSc (PDF, 73 KB)

Management and Information Technology with English Language - MSc (PDF, 95 KB)

Software Engineering - MSc (PDF, 80 KB)

Software Engineering with English Language - MSc (PDF, 105 KB)

Computer Science - optional modules 2017/8 (PDF, 223 KB)

School of Divinity

Analytic and Exegetical Theology - MLitt (PDF, 44 KB)

Bible and Contemporary World - MLitt & PG Dip (PDF, 68 KB)

Biblical Languages and Literature - MLitt (PDF, 75 KB) (also Postgraduate Diploma)

Systematic & Historical Theology - MLitt (PDF, 60 KB) (also Postgraduate Diploma)

Theology, Imagination and the Arts - MLitt (PDF, 47 KB) (also Postgraduate Diploma)

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Geochemistry - MSc (PDF, 139 KB)

Mineral Resources - MSc (PDF, 74 KB)

Oil and Gas Innovation - MSc (PDF, 75 KB)

School of Economics & Finance

Economics - MSc (PDF, 120 KB)

Finance - MSc (PDF, 82 KB)

Finance and Economics - MSc (PDF, 143 KB)

Money, Banking and Finance - MSc (PDF, 77 KB) 

School of English

Creative Writing - MLitt & MFA (PDF, 78 KB)

Medieval English - MLitt (PDF, 63 KB)

Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture - MLitt (PDF, 72 KB)

Postcolonial and World Literature - MLitt (PDF, 74 KB)

Romantic/Victorian Studies - MLitt (PDF, 57 KB)

Shakespeare and Renaissance Literary Culture - MLitt (PDF, 66 KB)

Women, Writing and Gender - MLitt (PDF, 68 KB) 

English Language Teaching  English Language Teaching - MLitt (PDF, 75 KB)
Department of Film Studies Film Studies - MLitt (PDF, 86 KB) 
School of Geography & Sustainable Development

Human Geography / Sustainable Development - MRes (PDF, 68 KB)

Sustainable Development - MSc (PDF, 90 KB) (Also Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma)

Sustainable Development and Energy - MSc (PDF, 89 KB)

Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics - MSc (PDF, 96 KB) 

School of History - including Mediaeval, Modern and Scottish History and Middle Eastern Studies

The Book. MLitt (PDF, 74 KB)

Central and East European Studies - MLitt (PDF, 117 KB)

Early Modern History - MLitt (PDF, 127 KB)

Environmental History - MLitt (PDF, 120 KB)

Intellectual History - MLitt (PDF, 55 KB)

Iranian Studies - MLitt (not available 2017/2018)

Legal and Constitutional Studies - MLitt (PDF, 76 KB)

Mediaeval History - MLitt (PDF, 68 KB)

Mediaeval Studies - MLitt (PDF, 84 KB)

Middle Eastern History - MLitt (PDF, 112 KB)

Modern History - MLitt (PDF, 95 KB)

Reformation Studies - MLitt (PDF, 101 KB)

Scottish Historical Studies - MLitt (PDF, 73 KB)

Transnational, Global and Spatial History - MLitt (PDF, 99 KB) 

Interdisciplinary Degrees

Management and Information Technology - MSc (PDF, 73 KB)

 Mediaeval Studies - MLitt (PDF, 84 KB)

School of International Relations

International Relations - MRes (PDF, 111 KB)

International Political Theory - MLitt (PDF, 149 KB)

International Security Studies - MLitt (PDF, 161 KB)

Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies - MLitt (PDF, 71 KB)

Peace and Conflict Studies - MLitt (PDF, 150 KB)

Strategic Studies - MLitt (PDF, 114 KB)

Terrorism and Political Violence - MLitt - Full time (PDF, 81 KB) (also Postgraduate Diploma)

Terrorism and Political Violence - distance mode - MLitt & PG Dip (PDF, 60 KB)

International Relations - optional modules 2017 - 2018 (PDF, 238 KB)

School of Management

Banking and Finance - MSc (PDF, 80 KB)

Finance and Management - MSc (PDF, 63 KB)

Human Resource Management - MLitt (PDF, 92 KB)

International Business - MLitt (PDF, 65 KB)

International Business and Strategy (Joint with Mosco State University)- MLitt

Management - MLitt (PDF, 68 KB)

Management Studies - MRes (PDF, 74 KB)Management Studies - MRes (PDF, 74 KB)

Marketing - MLitt (PDF, 67 KB)

Management - optional modules 2017/8 (PDF, 103 KB)

School of Mathematics & Statistics

Applied Statistics and Datamining - MSc (PDF, 165 KB) (also Postgraduate Diploma)

Mathematics - MSc (PDF, 125 KB)

Statistics - MSc (PDF, 124 KB)

School of Medicine

Global Health Implementation - MSc (PDF, 71 KB)

Health Psychology - MSc (PDF, 62 KB)

School of Modern Languages - including Arabic & Persian, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish

Comparative Literature - MLitt (PDF, 65 KB)

Crossways in Cultural Narratives - MLitt (PDF, 109 KB)

Cultural Identity Studies - MLitt (PDF, 79 KB)

French Studies - MLitt (PDF, 61 KB)

German and Contemporary Literature - MLitt (PDF, 55 KB)

German Studies - MLitt (PDF, 59 KB)

Italian Studies - MLitt (PDF, 59 KB)

Middle Eastern Literary and Cultural Studies - MLitt (PDF, 61 KB)

Russian Studies - MLitt (PDF, 62 KB)

Spanish and Latin American Studies - MLitt (PDF, 60 KB) 

Modern Languages - optional modules 2017/8 (PDF, 106 KB)

Department of Philosophy

Epistemology, Mind and Language - MLitt (PDF, 67 KB)

History of Philosophy - MLitt (PDF, 74 KB)

Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy - MLitt (PDF, 71 KB)

Philosophy - MLitt (PDF, 109 KB)

Philosophy - Graduate Diploma (PDF, 25 KB) 

School of Physics & Astronomy

Astrophysics - MSc (PDF, 101 KB)

Photonics and Optoelectronic Devices - MSc (PDF, 89 KB)

Applied Photonics - EngD (PDF, 65 KB) 

School of Psychology & Neuroscience

Adults with Learning Disabilities who have Significant and Complex Needs - by Di (PDF, 78 KB) (also Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma)

Psychology of Dementia Care - PG Certificate (PDF, 44 KB)

Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology: The Origins of Mind - MSc (PDF, 87 KB)

Neuroscience - MRes (PDF, 132 KB)

Research Methods in Psychology - MSc (PDF, 75 KB)

Psychology (Conversion) - MSc (PDF, 90 KB) 

Department of Social Anthropology

Anthropology, Art and Perception - MRes (PDF, 59 KB)

Social Anthropology - MRes (PDF, 82 KB)

Social Anthropology and Amerindian Studies - MRes (PDF, 62 KB)

Social Anthropology with Pacific Studies - MRes (PDF, 49 KB) 

Social Sciences modules (available to many programmes)  Social Science modules - 2017/8 (PDF, 43 KB)


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Curriculum development statement

The University will use all reasonable measures to deliver courses of study as they are outlined at the time of offer. However, as a research intensive institution, the University ensures that its teaching is based on and references the research and related interests of its staff, which may change from time to time.

We are also mindful of the best use of our resources to ensure the highest quality experience for our students. As a result, programmes and modules are regularly reviewed with the aim of enhancing students' learning experience.

Any changes are made with due consideration to minimising impact, safeguarding academic standards and assuring quality, and are described at:


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