Coronavirus information and guidance


We want to ensure that every individual in our community, students and staff, has the opportunity to choose the considerable protection offered by Covid vaccinations.

The Scottish Government has pledged that all people aged 18 or over will have been offered the opportunity to be fully vaccinated against Covid by 12 September.

We are an international community, however, and we know that it is possible that some overseas students, and staff, may not have had the chance to be fully vaccinated before they arrive in St Andrews in August and September.

We will support any student or member of staff who has not been vaccinated by the time of their arrival in St Andrews to book a vaccination as part of the of the national vaccination programme run by the National Health Service. The Government has confirmed that overseas students are eligible for this.

The Scottish Government has published guidance on vaccinations for overseas students coming to study in Scotland.

We will update students on staff on Government and National Health Service plans for local vaccination clinics in St Andrews as soon as this information is available.