Coronavirus information and guidance

Environment and equipment

When working remotely or from home, it is important to make sure your environment is set up correctly so that you can be focused while taking care of your wellbeing. 

Workstation safety

Take the workstation safety training and self-assessment to ensure your workstation is set up correctly. The training will cover:

  • hazards of working at a computer
  • how to use different types of devices correctly (laptop, mobile etc)
  • correct working position and posture
  • how to correctly adjust your equipment, including desk, chair, monitor, documents, keyboard and mouse 
  • how to adjust your environment for lighting, noise and tidiness
  • reducing aches and pains, visual fatigue, and work-related stress.

You can also look at the display screen equipment checklist from GOV.UK for more guidance.

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If you need special equipment, please contact your computing officer or IT Services ( for IT equipment, or Occupational Health for health and safety support (

Guidance about remote working software and hardware is available on the IT Services web pages

If there is a continuing requirement for you to work from home some or all of the time, it is important that you have the necessary equipment to do so effectively and safely. If you need new equipment for your home workspace, or if you need to get equipment from your normal workplace, please refer to the home workspace equipment policy.

The policy sets out what new equipment can be provided and the process for it to be purchased. It also provides a process for existing equipment to be moved from University workspaces to home workspaces, either by self-collection, or by collection from your workplace and delivery to your home by the University.


Where possible, try to create the following boundaries for your work environment:

  • Communicate with family members so that they know to give you space when you are working. 
  • Have a space dedicated to work and try not to use this space for other purposes. This will help create mental boundaries between your home and work life. 
  • Establish working hours so that you have a defined start and finish time for work. See daily routine guidance (Cardinus) (Word).

See the wellbeing page for more information on mental and physical health.