Coronavirus information and guidance

Work communication

When working from home, communicating with your team and line manager will be vital. 

Communication methods

Teams should agree on their preferred method of communication and ensure they make regular contact. For ideas of different ways to communicate remotely, see the home working guide from IT Services.  

Team workers

  • Start each day with an online video team huddle, through Skype or Teams, to make sure everyone is okay, relay key information and discuss any issues.
  • Check in on each other as you would in the office throughout the day.
  • Make sure you remain accessible for group meetings through Teams or Skype, and share your availability status.
  • Design a contingency plan of the key tasks and projects over the coming weeks. 
  • Celebrate successes and thank your team regularly to help them feel appreciated. 
  • Discuss requirements with your line manager and ensure you have the relevant equipment at home. 

Line managers

  • Be clear and realistic about the tasks that can be accomplished from home.
  • Agree on weekly work plans with your team.
  • Schedule weekly calls with individual staff to ensure they have the necessary support and so you can receive work updates. 
  • Ensure all team members understand that they can contact you, a colleague, or an HR Business Partner if they feel they are not coping with work, isolation or any other issue.