Coronavirus information and guidance


Last updated: 28 October 11.00am

Return to the workplace

University buildings are gradually re-opening and many are now ready to welcome colleagues back to the workplace. This programme of re-opening will continue over the coming weeks, until we are ready for the arrival of students and the resumption of teaching in Semester 1. We shall continue to proceed in step with Scottish Government guidelines, adjusting our own response as national guidance evolves, and we note that the current restrictions may have altered significantly by September.

At all times, in all circumstances, and in the interests of everyone in the University and wider St Andrews community, the chief principle guiding this work will be safety.

The following FAQs are designed to assist staff in preparing to return to the workplace and they will be updated regularly.

Returning to work Additional information for heads

University advice and support

Pay and benefits




Flexible furlough

Test and protect

Annual leave

In recognition of the impact of lockdown and the ability for staff to take leave, the following has been agreed with the Trade Unions.

Guidance for BAME staff