Coronavirus information and guidance

Report Covid-19 issues

The University expects all its members to take precautions and follow government guidance during the coronavirus crisis. The University community has a responsibility to support and educate each other to be safe.  

All students and staff should follow the University’s Covid Code. Breaches of this guidance, whether on University property or around the town, will be treated as a disciplinary matter.  


To report a Covid-19 incident (for example, if someone persists in breaking the rules or fails to respect community members), you should contact: 

Covid Helpdesk 
Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 4146 

Prevention and advocacy 

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect each other. Before filing a report, you may want to consider the following informal options.


While most of the University community is trying to follow the rules, people may forget or not be entirely familiar with the rules. You may want to consider politely reminding someone. For example: 

“See you there, and don’t forget to wear your mask.” 

“I know you care about me and our whole community, so let’s remember to keep our distance.” 


Politely ask the person to follow the guidelines, explaining the importance of protecting each other. For example: 

“Can you please wear your mask? It’ll make me feel more comfortable.”  

“I’m not comfortable hugging due to Covid, do you mind if we keep our distance, thanks.” 

Offer help 

Plan ahead so that you could offer help to anyone who might need it. For example, carry and extra mask or a copy of the Covid Code.  

“Here, I got you an extra mask.” 

“Check out the guidelines in this email we got from Principal Mapstone. It says we should not have this many people in our room.”