Coronavirus information and guidance

Latest Covid numbers in St Andrews

Last updated: 26 November 2020, 6.30pm

We will publish a weekly update on confirmed numbers of positive cases of Covid-19 amongst members of our University community.

These figures combine cases reported to us by students and staff through our Covid Helpdesk, and cases notified to the NHS through the national testing scheme. They give an accurate weekly snapshot of confirmed coronavirus infection currently associated with our community, and cumulatively since 1 September 2020.

We are in daily contact with colleagues in the NHS and Public Health Scotland, and meet regularly to share intelligence, agree mitigation measures and update confirmed cases.

Not all positive cases are physically in St Andrews; the figures include members of our community who live elsewhere and acquired the infection outwith the University.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Number of total positive cases still active (not yet discharged)

  • Staff: 1
  • Students: 16
  • Total: 17

Number of total positive cases that have been discharged

  • Staff: 10
  • Students: 87
  • Total: 97

Total positive cases since 1 September

  • Staff: 11
  • Students: 103
  • Total: 114

Of which are new positive cases since 12 November

  • Staff: 1
  • Students: 10
  • Total: 11

Number of individuals who are self-isolating as they are a contact of a confirmed positive case

  • Staff: 2
  • Students: 57
  • Total: 59

Number of individuals who are self-isolating on a precautionary basis whilst a suspected Covid case awaits test results

  • Staff: 0
  • Students: 8
  • Total: 8

Covid cases in Fife within the past 7 days

Source: Public Health Scotland Covid Overview

  • Fife: 390
  • St Andrews North: 8
  • St Andrews South West: 1-4
  • St Andrews South East: 1-4
  • St Andrews Central: 1-4

(Please note, where there are fewer than 5 cases, Public Health Scotland presents this as 1-4.)