Coronavirus information and guidance

Journey to St Andrews

In line with the Scottish Government’s route map out of the Covid-19 lockdown, students who are able to travel safely are asked to plan to be with us in St Andrews for the start of the semester.

This series of guides is designed to help with your planning, explain how to minimise risk throughout your journey, and ensure that you are informed about what to expect.

The changing nature of the situation means that the central premise of these guides is that you should check most recent government guidance before you travel, and take personal responsibility for understanding quarantine requirements and how they apply.

Scotland has taken a particularly cautious approach to managing the Covid crisis, so you must also be aware that behavioural expectations may be different in Scotland to those in England and elsewhere.

Safety informs all the actions we are taking to prepare for your arrival, including measures we will have in place to safeguard your health, the shape and blend of our academic programmes, and how we intend to use our University buildings and grounds. When you arrive you should expect life in St Andrews to be different in these key ways:

  • Orientation events will be virtual.
  • Face coverings will be required in areas where physical distancing is not possible.
  • Signage within University buildings will communicate important health and safety instructions.

We remain committed to delivering the best student experience we can, whatever the circumstances.

View of St Andrews

Before you depart

International travellers should prepare by reading NHS travel guidance and complete a locator form 48-hours prior to arrival in the UK.

Full information on before you depart

Arriving in the UK

Be prepared to show your locator form (printed or on your phone) when you arrive at the UK border.

Full information on arriving in the UK

Arriving in Scotland

The controls on Covid-19 in Scotland may differ from other parts of the UK so please ensure you are familiar with the latest Scottish public health guidance.

Full information on arriving in Scotland

Transport to St Andrews

The University will be providing free transport to all students arriving at Edinburgh airport, Glasgow airport and Leuchars railway station.

Full information on transport to St Andrews

Arriving in St Andrews

You must remain conscious of the vulnerability of our elderly population, and take every opportunity to shield them and support their access to services.

Full information on arriving in St Andrews

University facilities and study spaces

You should wear a face covering when moving in communal areas within University buildings, and pay close attention to health and safety signage.

Full information on University facilities

Orientation, advising and matriculation

If you or someone you live with develops symptoms

It is possible that students may have to self-isolate for periods throughout the year, and dual mode delivery is in place to ensure you can continue to access teaching and resources.

Full information on symptoms