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Can Do guide

During a time of many restrictions, we want to help our students reimagine, experiment with, and contribute to the unique St Andrews student experience. Working together, there are many things that we still can do.

This guide is for students who want to set up activities or events while safely following government guidance and the Covid Code.


four students standing socially distant apart each holding foam fingers in St Mary's Quad

What we can do

The Covid Code allows:

  • A maximum of six people from two households to meet in outdoor spaces for social gatherings – this means you are free to meet a friend from another household for a walk, plan an outdoor study session, or informal activity.
  • A maximum of six people from two households can meet in public indoor spaces – this means you can meet friends from one other household in a café, restaurant, or bar.
  • Libraries, The Byre and the Students’ Association are open for use, with bookable spaces available. See bookable spaces in:

Our challenge, as a community, is to demonstrate what we can do within these parameters by working together, thinking creatively, and developing our reputation for leadership, adaptability, and resilience. The St Andrews student experience is our collective inheritance, and we all have a role to play in reinterpreting it for a changing world.

The Scottish Government is supportive of organised meetings and activities, as long as they are well-managed, risk assessed, and meet specific requirements. We want to help you navigate these requirements so you can make the most of this opportunity to radically reimagine, experiment with, and contribute to our unique student experience.

View the University Events calendar to see all current Can Do events available to staff, students and members of the public. This will be updated regularly to showcase the diverse range of Can Do activities taking place.

How to submit an activity

If you would like to create an event with more than six people or with people from more than two households, you will need to submit an application to the Can Do committee. The committee will either give you approval or advise on how you might adapt your plans to make them compliant with current restrictions.

The purpose of this process is to help students and staff to develop a programme of Covid-safe co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by providing University oversight, risk management, guidance and resources. 

The information below will help figure out key information about your event to use on your application form.  


First, decide whether the purpose of your activity is educational or extracurricular. This will help you and the Can Do committee determine how current guidance applies to you.

The activities listed below are examples of some of the events permitted under current Scottish Government guidance. These examples also show how purpose influences what venues might be appropriate.

Any activity can only proceed with social distancing (two metres separation) and in accordance with the Covid Code.

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Indoor or outdoor


In addition to the facilities available in the Can Do Marquee, the University are also working towards using other locations around St Andrews for Can Do activities, such as St Salvator’s Quad and the Byre Theatre.

Can Do Marquee

The Can Do Marquee is split into four areas, known as 'pods', which are suitable for various different types of activities. The four pods were named by University of St Andrews students after famous St Andrews cats.

All areas in the marquee have Eduroam access.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can email for help and advice.

Submit your activity proposal

The Can Do activity booking form requires you to complete 11 or 12 questions (depending on the type of activity). The form will ask you:

  • your contact details
  • your School, unit, society or group name
  • the type of activity you are planning 
  • details about your activity
  • graduate attributes related to your event (only for events that are educational or for training purposes)
  • proposed event date and time
  • expected attendance numbers
  • preferred venue
  • AV equipment requirements. 

Please ensure your application is fully completed and that you supply all necessary details. The more information that you provide, the quicker that the Can Do committee can make a decision on your application. If you encounter any difficulties you can email for advice and assistance.

How applications are assessed

Applications will be assessed on their individual merits according to the following:

The Can Do committee will consider your application and aim to respond within seven days, with bespoke advice on how to make your idea happen.

The Can Do committee may require additional conditions on your activity or ask you to undertake some training before the activity proceeds. If any proposals do not meet the requirements for safely managed activities, the committee will suggest adaptations or variations that would allow ideas to come to life.

The Can Do committee is chaired by Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost) Dr Monique Mackenzie, and includes student and staff representatives.

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