Coronavirus information and guidance

Can Do guide

During a time of many restrictions, we want to help our students reimagine, experiment with, and contribute to the unique St Andrews student experience. Working together, there are many things that we still can do.

This guide is for students and staff who want to set up activities or events while safely following government guidance and the Covid Code.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email for help and advice.


four students standing socially distant apart each holding foam fingers in St Mary's Quad

How to submit an activity

If you would like to create an event you will need to submit an application to the Can Do committee. The committee will either give you approval or advise on how you might adapt your plans to make them compliant with current restrictions.

The purpose of this process is to help students and staff to develop a programme of Covid-safe co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by providing University oversight, risk management, guidance and resources. 

To request an activity, please email with the following details:

  • your contact details
  • your School, unit, society or group name
  • the type of activity you are planning 
  • details about your activity
  • graduate attributes related to your event (only for events that are educational or for training purposes)
  • expected attendance numbers
  • preferred venue
  • AV equipment requirements. 

Please ensure that you supply all necessary details. The more information that you provide, the quicker that the Can Do committee can make a decision on your application.

How applications are assessed

Applications will be assessed on their individual merits according to the following:

The Can Do committee will consider your application and aim to respond within seven days, with bespoke advice on how to make your idea happen.

The Can Do committee is chaired by Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost) Dr Monique Mackenzie, and includes student and staff representatives.

Booking and scheduling your activity

Successful Can Do applications will receive an email notifying them of the suitability of their event including any conditions which are required to be met for the activity to take place.

It is your responsibility to contact the events management team, who have been copied into this email, to provisionally book and schedule the date and time of your event.

A risk assessment will be mandatory for all Can Do approved activities, a template will be supplied by the events management team. Your booking will not be confirmed until events management have received and approved a signed risk assessment

If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking, the Can Do committee require a 48 hours cancellation notice to change your application, and re-allocate the space.

If you do not attend your booked activity future bookings may be affected.

If you don’t comply to the Covid Code during your session, our event managers are likely to interrupt your activity. For minor unintentional breaches to the code outlined in the risk assessment, they will offer guidance on how to adapt. If there are significant breaches to the code, our event managers have the right to shut down your session. Here, you would be referred to our policy on fines for breaches of Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, and risk being recorded under the non-academic misconduct register.

After your activity

After your activity, our events managers will send you an online feedback form to review your Can Do experience and input your Graduate Attributes into the Graduate Attribute platform. Our team is working hard to constantly adapt our process to suit the needs of individuals benefiting from our initiative. With your feedback we can make this even more effective, so we encourage all organisers to fill out the online form when able so we can continue to improve our system. 

At the University of St Andrews, we believe that education doesn’t just stem from curricular activities, but also from co- and extra-curricular. As such, the skills that you gain from attending Can Do activities aim to increase your employability in these challenging circumstances. Thus, we strongly encourage all activity organisers and participants to input their Graduate Attributes developed in each Can Do session into the Graduate Attribute Platform (also accessible through MySaint). 

St Andrews Can Do stories

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