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Security and Personal Safety

The University wishes to provide an environment in which students and staff can study, work and live safely and without fear of crime. The University security manager is accountable for the development and delivery of a strategy to meet this objective although every student, member of staff and visitor shares responsibility for their safety, the welfare of others, and the protection of the University's assets. Staying alert and reporting any suspicious activity deters criminals and helps to reduce opportunities for crime.

Statement of Intent

In partnership with the police and the University Students' Association, the stated aims of the security strategy are:

  • To reduce crime, opportunities for crime, and fear of crime on campus
  • To encourage through personal conduct safe and secure working practices
  • To provide appropriate information on security and personal safety issues
  • To protect people and property through practical measures including access controls, closed circuit television surveillance and security patrols
  • To provide a 24-hour point of contact for security advice and assistance.

Sharing Responsibility

The incidence of crime on the University campus is relatively low and when it does occur it usually involves theft of personal property from public areas or theft through unauthorised access to buildings. Such crimes can be reduced by ensuring that valuable personal items are not left unattended in offices, libraries, lecture rooms or refreshment areas, and by locking doors and windows when rooms are vacated. Unauthorised persons should not be allowed access to buildings.

Bicycles are often lost or stolen in town and should not be left unattended for long periods. Cycle racks are provided and cycles should be secured using appropriate locking devices.

Personal safety is especially important and the University will take all reasonable steps to ensure that footpaths, car parks and other thoroughfares are adequately lit and whenever possible, under camera surveillance. University users should act sensibly and avoid situations or places in which they may put themselves or others at risk. Specific advice on personal safety forms part of the University's statement of intent.

University Security Manager

Advice on departmental or personal security is available from the University security manager who can be contacted on extension 3967 (01334 463967), by mobile telephone on 07931 961432 or by e-mail

Incident Reporting

All criminal acts or breaches of security should be reported in the first instance to the police, using the emergency '999' service if necessary. Thereafter, incidents should be reported to the University authorities using the incident reporting forms.

Security Co-ordinators

Guidelines for Security Co-ordinators are available using the link Security Co-ordinators.

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