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University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ, Scotland
Main Switchboard (ALL enquiries) +44 (0)1334 476161
Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only- Diverts to Night time staff) +44 (0)1334 476161
University Web Manager See

Addresses and contact details: R-Z

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To dial office extensions direct precede the number with (01334) 46
(Please note that not all office extensions are set up for Direct Dial in which case call the switchboard on the number given above). If any details are wrong, please contact the Telephone Office.



For further detailed contact information, please refer to the Registry contact page.

Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, St Andrews, KY16 9LB
Academic data and reporting infrastructures 2162
Curriculum and external examiners 2351 / 2118
Examinations and module results reporting 2122 / 2528
Awards and transcripts 2148 / 3528
Fees and funding 2117
Postgraduate research team 3084
Postgraduate taught team 3086
Registry student support (research) 2256
Undergraduate team 2152
St Katharine's West, 16 The Scores, St Andrews, KY16 9AX
Collaborations and study abroad 2245
Registry student support (UG & PGT) 2129
Visa compliance 2352


Research Business Development and Contracts (RBDC)

RBDC Office: Gateway Building, KY16 9RJ
Head of RBDC: Kelly Maher 2164

All Enquiries


Residence - Main Numbers (To call a Student room extension number call
01334 462222 and input the extension number when prompted)

Agnes Blackadder Hall


 Albany Park


 Andrew Melville Hall (Closed for refurbishment)


 Angus House


 David Russell Apartments


 Deans Court (via St Salvators Hall)


 Fife Park (via David Russell Apartments)


 Gannochy House (via St Salvators Hall)


 John Burnet Hall


 McIntosh Hall


 St Regulus Hall


 St Salvators Hall


 Stanely Smith House


 University Hall


Residential & Business Services

Director's Office, 79 North Street, KY16 9AL
Director: Mr Benjamin Stuart 2515
Secretary 2515
Deputy Director: 2509
Secretary 2522
Fax 5555
Conference and Group Services
CGS Assistants 3000/2520/2499/3005/2521
Fax 5555
Student Accommodation Services
Accommodation Assistants 2504/2506/2507
Accommodation Manager: Wendy Newton 2505
Property Manager: Scott Robertson 2503
Student Accommodation Enquiries 2510
Fax 5555


See Modern Languages (School of)


Saint, The

See Students' Association

St Andrews Learning & Teaching: Innovation, Review & Enhancement


St Andrews Scottish Studies Institute (SASSI)

Castle House, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Director: 2653
Secretary/Enquiries 2667
Fax 2655

St John's House

See History (School of)

St Mary's College (School of Divinity)

South Street, KY16 9JU
General Enquiries 2850/2851
Senior Janitor 2853
Fax 2852

St Regulus Hall

See Residences

St Salvator's Hall

See Residences

Stanley Smith House

See Residences

Safety Office

See Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Schools Liaison Service

See Admissions

Scottish History

See History (School of)

Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies

See History (School of)


See Office of the Principal

Social Anthropology

See Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies

Social Dimensions of Health Institute

Universities of Dundee & St Andrews, Airlie Place, Dundee DD1 4HJ
Enquiries 01382 388661


See Modern Languages (School of)

Sport and Exercise (Department of)

St Leonard's Road, KY16 9DY
Sport and Exercise
Director 2181
Secretary 2180
Enquiries 2190
Athletic Union
Enquiries 2183

Student Accommodation

See Residential & Business Services

Student Recruitment Services

See Admissions

Students' Association (SRC), Union Management Committee (UMC)

Students' Union, St Mary's Place, KY16 9UZ
Association President 2700
Director (Services) 2700
Director (Communications)/Director Representation 2700
Permanent Secretary/Financial Controller: Mr C A Boyle 2700
Building Supervisor 2700/2708
General Office/Enquiries 2700/2701/2741
Fax 2740
Association Services
Bar Supervisor 2721
BESS see BESS (Book Exchange & Stationery Store)
Catering Supervisor 2729
Education & Welfare Facilities see Student Services
Other Independent Facilities
Charities 2706
The Saint 2737 or 01334 477355
Blackwells Bookshop 2727
SVS   2700

Student Services

The ASC (Advice and Support Centre) 
79 North St, KY16 9AL
All Enquiries: Reception 2020
Fax 1716
Student Services, Eden Court, The Socres, KY16 9AS
All Enquiries: Reception  2720
Fax 4007


Telephone Office

79 North Street, KY16 9AJ
Main Switchboard (ALL Enquiries) +44(0)1334 476161
Telephone System Administrator: Mr Tom Ingram 5034
Mobile telephone enquiries: Liz Nisbet 7221


University Hall

See Residences



See Office of the Principal


Website help

See digital standards




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