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University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ, Scotland
Main Switchboard (ALL enquiries) +44 (0)1334 476161
Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only- Diverts to Night time staff) +44 (0)1334 476161
University Web Manager See

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To dial office extensions direct precede the number with (01334) 46
(Please note that not all office extensions are set up for Direct Dial in which case call the switchboard on the number given above). If any details are wrong, please contact the Telephone Office.


McIntosh Hall (Chattan)

See Residences

Management (School of)

The Gateway Centre, North Haugh, KY16 9RJ
Joint Head of School: Prof Ruth Woodfield 1965
Joint Head of School: Prof John Ferguson 2860
School Administrator 2450
Undergraduate Enquiries 2800
Postgraduate Enquiries 2200
PhD Enquiries 2871
Fax 2812


See Office of the Principal

Mathematics & Statistics (School of)

Mathematical Institute, North Haugh, KY16 9SS
Head of School: Professor Thomas Neukirch 3713
Secretary 3744
Enquiries 2344
Solar Theory Group Enquiries 3708
CREEM Enquiries 1842
E Mail

Media Services

Media Services (All Enquiries) 3674

Mediaeval History

See History (School of)

Medicine (School of)

Medical Sciences Building, KY16 9SS
Head of School and Dean of Medicine: 3597
Secretary 3502
Fax 3482

Modern History

See History (School of)

Modern Languages (School of)

Buchanan Building, Union St, KY16 9PH
Head of School 2964
Secretary 3670
All Enquiries 2961
Fax 3677
Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and Eastern European Studies  
Director 2928
Institute of European Cultural and Identity Studies  
Director 3646
Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies  
All Enquiries 3632

Moral Philosophy

See Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies

Museum Collections

87 North St, KY16 9AL
Keeper: 2402
Curator: Helen Rawson 2413
Access and Education Assistant:  3946
MUSA Reception 1660
Learning Loft 1661


Music Centre

Younger Hall, North Street, KY16 9AJ
Director: Mr Michael Downes 2226
General Enquiries 2226
Fax 2228
Undergraduate Course/Enquiries 2233
University Organist 2237


New Hall

See Residences

Night and Emergency Services

Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only) 01334 476161


Nightline listening service (01334 46)2266


Office of the Principal

Email all members of the Office of the Principal (Staff only)

College Gate, North Street, KY16 9AJ
Principal and Vice Chancellor:

Secretary to the Principal:

Fax 2543
Executive Officer to the Principal:
Vice Principal Research and Provost
Professor Derek Woollins
Personal Assistant: 2542
Fax 2543
Vice Principal Education (Proctor): Professor Paul Hibbert
Personal Assistant: 2583
Fax 2543
 Vice Principal (International Strategy and External Relations):
VP: Prof Brad MacKay 3320
Personal Assistant: Arianna Carlini 3321
Fax 2543
Quaestor and Factor: Mr Derek Watson
Personal Assistant: 2016
Fax 2106
Deputy Principal and Master of the United College:
Professor Garry Taylor
Personal Assistant: 2552
Fax 2543
Chief Legal Officer, College Gate North Street, KY16 9AJ  
Chief Legal Officer: Mr Roy Drummond
Personal Assistant: 2555
E Mail:


Vice-Principal (Governance and Planning): Professor Alastair Merrill  
Personal Assistant: 2553
Fax 2543
E Mail

Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching):
Personal Assistant: 2583
Fax 2543
Provost of St Leonards College  
Provost: Prof Andy Murphy 2033
PA to Provost: 2032
E Mail:

Adviser to Principals Office - Professor Ian Boyd


Personnel Services

See Human Resources

Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies (School of)

Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
 Head of School: Professor Mark Harris 2981
Senior Administrator: Mrs Katie Allan 2493

Arche Research Centre, (Philosophy)

Chairman: Professor J Brown

Secretary/Enquiries: Lynn Hynd 1796
E Mail:

Film Studies (Dept of) 99 North Street, KY16 9AL
Head of Dept: Dr Michael Cowan 7463
Secretary/Enquiries: Karen Drysdale (Mon to Wed)/Thurs and Friday 7473/7480
Fax: 7464
E Mail:

Philosophical Quarterly, Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Journal Manager: Moria Gilruth 2484
E Mail:
Philosophy, Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Prof James Harris 2472
Secretary/Enquiries (PG):  2487
Secretary/Enquiries (UG): 2486
Fax: 2485
E Mail PG:
E Mail UG:

Social Anthropology, United College, KY16 9AL
Chairman: Dr Mark Harris 2981
Secretary/Enquiries: Mhairi Aitkenhead 2972
Fax: 2985
E Mail:

Physics & Astronomy (School of)

Physical Sciences Building, North Haugh, KY16 9SS
Head of School: Professor G Turnbull 7330
Secretary 3100
Enquiries 3100
Technical Administrator 3198
Fax 3104

Planning Unit, Bute Annex, Westburn Lane, KY16 9TS

Head of Unit: Laura Knox 2116
Planninng Team (Analytical Services) 7350
Timetabling 3099


See Police

Emergencies (9) 999

Postgraduate Convenors

See Administration A-Z > Postgraduate Convenors

Postgraduate Office

Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk
Enquiries 2136
Admissions (St Katharines West) 2150
Fax 2144

Principal's Office

See Office of the Principal

Print and Design

St Katharines West, 16 The Scores, KY16 9AX

Design Unit
Manager: Mr Andrew Mackie 3024
Secretary 3020
Fax 3523
Print Unit, 65 North St, KY16 9AJ
Manager: Mr Alex Reid 3030
Enquiries 3030
Fax 3031
Publications (and Photographic enquiries), St Katharines West, 16 The Scores, KY16 9AX
Publications Enquiries 7457
Editorial Assistant 3022
 Photographic Technician 3034
Fax 3523
Photographic Tecnician 3034


The Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, KY16 9LB
Director of Procurement: Adrian Wood 2512
Procurement (All enquiries) 2523 (Hunt Group)

Psychology and Neuroscience (School of)

Westburn Lane, KY16 9JU
Head of School: Professor Keith Sillar 2050
Professor Sillars Secretary: Helen Sunderland 2071
Enquiries 2157
Fax 3042


Quaestor's Office

See Office of the Principal

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