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University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ, Scotland
Main Switchboard (ALL enquiries) +44 (0)1334 476161
Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only- Diverts to Night time staff) +44 (0)1334 476161
University Web Manager See

Addresses and contact details: F-L

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To dial office extensions direct precede the number with (01334) 46
(Please note that not all office extensions are set up for Direct Dial in which case call the switchboard on the number given above). If any details are wrong, please contact the Telephone Office.


Fife Park (David Russell Apartments Complex)

See Residences


Finance Network

College Gate, North St, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ
Finance Director: Mr Andy Goor 2014
Secretary: Mrs Nicola Miller 2555

 Finance Network

The Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, St Andrews Fife KY16 9LB  
Deputy Finance Director: Rebecca Thomson  2572
Management Accountant 2593
Tax and Treasury 2582
Secretary 2576
Financial Accounts: 3094 (Hunt Group)
Management Accounts: 2593
Fax 2672
Cash Office
Manager: Mr E Gillespie 2455
All Enquiries 2585
Doctorial Training Grants (Wed PM and Thur-Fri): Christine Reid 2594
Projects (Mon-Tues and Wed AM): Christine Reid 2586


See Fire officers

Emergencies (9) 999


See Modern Languages (School of)


Gateway Centre

Gateway Building, North Haugh, KY16 9ST
Reception 7400

Gannochy House

See Residences

Geography & Sustainable Development (School of)

Irvine Building, North Street, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Professor William Austin  3988
Enquiries: Helen Olaez 2894
Fax: 3949

Earth and Environmental Sciences (School of)

Irvine Building, North Street, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Professor Tony Prave  2381
Enquiries: 3940
Fax: 3949


See Modern Languages (School of)


See Classics

Graduate School, The

Head of School: Prof Andrew Murphy


All enquiries: Brett Dodgson


Grounds Services

See Estates & Buildings


Heads of Schools

See Administration A-Z > Heads of Schools

Heads of Units

See Administration A-Z > Service Directors

History (School of)

St Katharine's Lodge, The Scores, KY16 9AR
Head of School: Professor Colin Kidd 2895
Secretary/Enquiries 2900
Fax 2914
Institute for Environmental History, St Katharine's Lodge, The Scores, KY16 9AR
Director: Dr J Clark 2910
Secretary/Enquiries (AM Only) 2900
Fax 2914
Mediaeval History, 71 South Street, KY16 9QW
Chairman: Dr Alex Woolf 2880
Secretary/Enquiries 3308
Fax 3334


Modern History, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AR
Chairman: Dr Guy Rowlanads 2886
Secretary/Enquiries 2923
E Mail
St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute, St John's House, 65 South Street, KY16 9QW
Director: Dr B Heal 2909
Secretary/Enquiries 3332
Scottish History, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AR
Chairman: Professor Michael Brown 2899
Secretary/Enquiries 2890
Fax 2927
Postgraduate Study, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AR
Director: Dr S Murdoch 2922
Secretary/Enquiries 2907
Fax 2927
The Institute for Iranian Studies, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AL
Director: Professor A Ansari 3027
Secretary/Enquiries 3027
Fax 2927
St Andrews Centre for French History, KY16 9AL
Director: Dr G Rowlands 2886
Secretary/Enquiries 2886
Fax 2927
The St Andrews Institute of Scottish Historical Research, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AL
Director: Professor R Mason 2882
Secretary/Enquiries 2890
Fax 2927
Centre for Transnational History, St Katharine's Lodge, KY16 9AR
Director: Dr B Struck 3066
Secretary/Enquiries 2923
Fax 2927

Human Resources

The Old Burgh School, Abbey Walk, KY16 9LB
Director: Miss M Stewart 2556
Secretary 2566
General Enquiries 3096
Recruitment Services
Enquiries 3096 (Hunt Group)
Job Line 2571
Salaries and Pensions Services
Manager 2559
Pensions 2546
Enquiries 2568/2569


See School of Classics


Institute of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures

Director: Professor Dina Iordanova 7474
Enrico Vannucci/Libby Findlay 2387

Information Assurance and Governance
Butts Wynd Building, St Andrews, Fife KY169AJ

Head of Information Assurance and Governance Mr Chris Milne 


Freedom of Information: June Weir         2776

International Relations (School of)

Arts Building, The Scores KY16 9AL
Head of School: Prof T Lang 3006
Secretary: Lynne Dalrymple 2938/1938
Undergraduate Enquiries 1930/1931
PG Taught Enquiries 1944
PG Research Enquiries 2945
Fax 2937

IT Services

IT Services, Butts Wynd, KY16 9AL
Chief Information Officer: Steven Watt (College Gate) 7244
E Mail:
Fax: 2543

Associate CIO's

Enterprise, Applications and Infrastructure: Mr Dean Drew 4020
Service Delivery: Dr Kevin Donachie 2790
IT Service Desk  3333
E Mail
IT Administration 2770
E Mail:
Out of Hours Systems Contact 2780

International Office

See Admissions



North Haugh Group (Physics/Maths/Computing, Purdie building, P E Centre)
Senior Janitor: 3136/3777
St Mary's/Bute Group - St Marys College
Senior Janitor: 2853/2094/3590

United College Group

Porters Lodge/Younger Hall/Buchanan/Irvine buildings
Bedellus:  3985

John Burnet Hall

See Residences


Knowledge Transfer Centre


Gateway Building, North Haugh, KY16 9SS
Director: Dr Ewan Chirnside 7223
Associate Director: Mr Alistair Main 2165
Business Innovation Manager: Chantel Davies


Administrator: Rachel Scott


Fax 2386



See Classics


Main Library, North Street, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9TR
Director of Library Services: Mr John MacColl 2301
PA to Director 2281
                            User Services 2283
Fax 2282
Outlying Libraries
JF Allen Library 3231
Purdie Library 3775
St Marys College Library 2855
Special Collections Division, Library Annexe, North Haugh 2339

Logic & Metaphysics

See Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies

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