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University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ, Scotland
Main Switchboard (ALL enquiries) +44 (0)1334 476161
Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only- Diverts to Night time staff) +44 (0)1334 476161
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To dial office extensions direct precede the number with (01334) 46
(Please note that not all office extensions are set up for Direct Dial in which case call the switchboard on the number given above). If any details are wrong, please contact the Telephone Office.


Admissions Office

St Katharine's West, 16 The Scores, KY16 9AX
Director of Admissions: Ms Julie Ramsay 01334 463339

Visiting Day Enquiries/Student Recruitment 

01334 462150

Undergraduate or Postgraduate Prospectus

Undergraduate Application and
General Enquiries

01334 462150
UK/EU Student Recruitment and Admissions +44 1334 462150
Scottish Recruitment or Access enquiries 01334 462346
Exchanges 01334 463310
Enquiries from North America +44 1334 463323
Postgraduate Pre-application Enquiries and Visits +44 (0)1334 463325
Postgraduate Post-application Enquiries +44 (0)1334 462150
Short Courses: Mr Alex Allen +44 (0)1334 467467

Albany Park

See Residences

Alternative Format Suite

See IT Services

Alumni Office

91 North Street, KY16 9AJ
Alumni Relations Officer: Elaine Cartwright 2597
Alumni Assistant: Sandra Doherty 1913
Fax 2590

American Enrolment

See Admissions Office

Amerindian Studies

See Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies

Ancient History

See Classics


See History


See Classics

Andrew Melville Hall

See Residences

Angus House

See Residences

Art History (School of)

79 North Street, KY16 9AJ
Head of School: Dr Julian Luxford 2394
Secretary/Enquiries 2399
Sub-Honours Secretary 2400
Postgraduate Secretary 2414
Slide Library 2390

Assistant Principal's Office

See Office of the Principal

Athletic Union

See Sports Centre


BESS (Book Exchange & Stationery Store)

Student's Union, St Mary's Place, KY16 9UZ
Manager 2730
Students Association Shop 2731

Biology (School of)

Biomolecular Sciences Building, KY16 9TS
Head of Biology: Prof Malcolm White 3432
Director of Teaching: Dr Clare Peddie 3548
Enquiries 3626
Biomedical Sciences Research Complex, KY16 9ST
Director: Prof J Naismith 3401
Secretary 3401
Fax 2595
Biomolecular Sciences Building (BMS), North Haugh, KY16 9ST
Head of School: 3401
Secretary/Enquiries 3401
Fax 2595
Centre for Advanced Materials
Director: Prof J T S Irvine 3817
Centre for Research in Ecological & Environmental Modelling (CREEM)
Director: Prof S T Buckland 3787
Scottish Oceans Institute, KY16 8LB
Director: Prof I Johnston 3440
Secretary 3472
Chief Technician 3463
Enquiry Point 3441
Fax 3443
Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU), Gatty Marine Laboratory, KY16 8LB
Director: Dr Ailsa Hall 2634
Secretary 3472
Sir Harold Mitchell Building, KY16 9TH
Director: Prof T Meagher 3364
Secretary 3369
Chief Technician 3355
Enquiry Point 3369
Fax 3366

Business Transformation Portfolio Office

Old Union Diner, Butts Wynd, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AL
Enquiries 1700
Facilitators 1780/2784

Bute Medical School

See School of Medicine

Byre Theatre of St Andrews
Abbey St, St Andrews, KY16 9LA

Artistic Director: Mr Michael Downes 8810
Box Office 01334 475000 / Extn 8888
General Manager 8811
Box Office Manager and General enquiries 8800
Technical Manager 8814



CAPOD (Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development)

Hebdomadar’s Block, St Salvator’s Quadrangle, St Andrews KY16 9AJ

CAPOD office
Courses and Workshops
Academic Skills Tutoring and Passport Control
Director Carol Morris 7177
Deputy Director and Head of Student Development Cat Wilson 2558
Head of Learning Technology and IT Skills Development Margaret Adamson 7174
Head of Organisational and Staff Development Jos Finer 2599
Office Manager Sandra Roddick 7157
CAPOD Administrator Sarah Pollock 7198
CAPOD Administrator Sherrill Keefe 2141
ELIR and CAPOD Administrator Nikki Broughton 7458
Laidlaw Administrator/CAPOD Administrator Joyce Walsh 7154
Web and Evaluation Officer Carina Evans 2340
Academic Development
Student Developer Dr Eilidh Harris 7175
Academic Monitoring and Development Adviser Ros Campbell 7158
Educational and Postgraduate Researcher Developer Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee 2334
Professional Development
Professional Staff Developer Lynn Neville 2561
IT Training Developer Sonny Evans 2591
Lecture Capture Coordinator Daryl Haynes 7158
Academic Staff Developer Erwin Lai 7179
Research Staff Developer Dr Diane Munday 2241
Careers Adviser and Research Developer Bhavya Rao 2694
Research Developer Marie Paterson 2561
Laidlaw Student Developer Alex Stanley 7459
Sports Volunteering Coordinator Claire Scott
Organisational Development
Organisational Development Coordinator Katharine Gill 2533
SUMAC Software Developer Gordon Thomson 2591

Careers Centre

6 St Mary's Place, KY16 9UY
Director: Dr Lorna Dargan 2688/2689
All Enquiries 2688

Cash Office

See Finance Network

Catering Services

Agnes Blackadder Hall, North Haugh KY16 9SS

Catering Manager: Alan Riddell


Executive Chef: Mark Nixon


Retail Manager:




Hospitality Services

Hospitality Manager:


Hospitality Admin/Bookings


 Centre for Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV)

Arts Building, The Scores
Interim Director: Dr Tim Wilson 2935
Administrative Manager: Mrs G Brunton 2935
Fax 1922

Chaplaincy Centre

See also Student Services

3a St Mary's Place, KY16 9UY
Chaplain: Rev Dr Donald MacEwan 2865
Outwith office hours 01334 477471
Secretary/Enquiries 2866
Roman Catholic Chaplaincy - Canmore, The Scores, KY16 9UY
Chaplain 01334 478449

Chemistry (School of)

Purdie Building, North Haugh, KY16 9ST
Head of School: Professor D O'Hagan 3804
Director of Operations: Professor R Morris 3818
Director of Research: Professor J D Woollins 3861
Director of Teaching: Dr R A Aitken 3865
Secretary 3803
Enquiries 3800
Fax 3808

Classics (School of)

Swallowgate, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Professor Jason Konig 2618
Secretary/Enquiries: Miss Sam Dixon 2600
Secretary (taught courses): Miss Jo McGinley 2608
Classics Library (Term Time Only): Mrs Carol Wright 2602


See Coastguard

Emergency (9) 999

Court Office

Ground Floor, College Gate, North St, KY16 9AJ
Court Members Room: 1616
Court Office Co-ordinator: 2526
Fax: 7466
E Mail:

Collections and Museums

87 North St , KY16 9AL
Keeper: 2417
Senior Curator: Helen Rawson 2413
Assistant Curator 3946

Computer Sciences (School of)

Jack Cole Building, North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9SS
Head of School: Professor Simon Dobson 1626
Secretary 3253
General Office 3251
Fax 3278

Corporate Communications

Bute Medical Building, KY16 9TS
Director: Mr Niall Scott 2244
Enquiries 2530
E Mail


University of St Andrews Nursery 01334 470642


David Russell Apartments

See Residences

Dean of Arts and Divinity

Dean of Arts and Divinity: Professor Paul Hibbert 2126
Pro Dean Arts and Divinity (Undergraduate): Dr Samuel Mansell 2809
E Mail
Pro Dean Arts and Divinity (Curriculum): Dr David Evans 3665
E Mail
Pro Dean Arts and Divinity (Advising) : Dr Stephen Tyre 2902
E Mail

Dean of Science

Dean of Science: Prof Doug Philp 2127
Pro Dean (Undergraduate): Dr Aidan Naughton 3712
E Mail

Pro Dean (Curriculum): Dr M Campbell


E Mail

Pro Dean (Advising): Dr Graham Kirby 3240
E Mail

Dean of Medicine

Dean of Medicine: Prof David Crossman 3502
E Mail
Pro Dean for Teaching and Regulations (Undergraduate) : Prof S Guild  3599
 Pro Dean (Medicine Undergraduate): Dr Mark Ford and Dr Ruth Cruikshank  3548
Pro Dean (Taught Postgraduate): Dr Clare Peddie  3633


91 North Street, KY16 9AL
Director of Development: Mr R Fleming 1902
Director of Alumni and Development Operations: Miss L Taylor 2102
Director of University Advancement: 2166
 Legacies and Stewardship Enquiries:  Rachel Alexander 2030
General Enquiries: Patricia Kirk 2113
Alumni Relations Enquiries: Mrs A Wares 7194
Database and IT Enquiries: Mr N Tolland 2103
Fundraising Enquiries: Sophie MacKenzie 2154
Fax 2590

Directors of Research

See Administration A-Z > Directors of Research (Staff only)

Directors of Teaching

See Administration A-Z > Directors of Teaching (Staff only)

Divinity (School of)

St Mary's College, KY16 9JU
Head of School: Rev Dr S Holmes 2838
Enquiries 2850/2851
Fax 2852


Purdie Building, North Haugh, KY16 9ST
Enquiries Main BT Line 01334 460930
Fax BT Line 01334 460939



Economics and Finance (School of)

Castlecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Prof Alan Sutherland 2446
School Secretary 2420
Secretary 2443
Fax 2444
Centre for Research into Industry, Enterprise, Finance and the Firm (CRIEFF)
Director: Professor G C Reid 2431

Emergency Services

See Night and Emergency Services

English (School of)

Castle House, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Head of School: Professor Jane Stabler 2627
Secretary/Enquiries 2666
Fax 2655

English Language Teaching

ELT Centre, Kinnessburn House, Kennedy Gardens, KY16 9DJ
Director: Ms Jane Magee 2261
Administrator:  2265
Fax 2270

Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Bute Medical Buildings, KY16 9TS
Director/Safety Advisor: Post Vacant 2751
Secretary 2750
Deputy Director: Dr Paul Szawlowski 2753
Fire Officer 2789
Occupational Health 2752

Radiation Protection Service
Radiation Protection Service: Dr Paul Szwalowski 2753
EMERGENCY out of hours contacts 
Health and Safety: 07810 657414
Radiation Protection Service: Dr Paul Szawlowski 07763 368537
Radiation Protection Assistant 07810 657414


See also Night and Emergency Services

Woodburn, KY16 8LA
Director: Mr M Simpson 3955
All Enquiries 3999
Asst Director (Facilities Manager) 3962
Security Manager 3967
Environment and Energy Office 3995
Trades and grounds Manager 3956
Guardbridge Site office 3998

External Relations

See Development

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