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The way software applications are delivered is changing…

Historically, software applications have been installed locally on PCs in the School where the applications are taught - this lacks flexibility as you want to access these software applications from any location across campus.

Based on this feedback and to enhance the student experience, IT Services have launched a service called “Apps Anywhere”. With this service the software applications are delivered to PCs on demand through a web portal, thus allowing you to use all software applications on any PC around campus.

All student PCs (PC Classrooms, Teaching PCs and Open Access PCs) have been rebuilt and the Apps Anywhere web portal will start/login automatically when you login to the PC. The web portal will present a list of software applications for on-demand delivery. Software applications are listed alphabetically, categorised by School/subject discipline and you can create bespoke favourite lists. To run the application, simply click the “launch” button.

Several core applications will be locally installed and accessible from Start>All Programs as in previous years. These programs will be categorised below as 'Locally Installed'.

We trust this service will be greatly beneficial to you during your time at the University and look forward to hearing your feedback during the year.

Locally Installed Applications

Name of ApplicationLocation
Adobe Flash Player  All
Adobe Illustrator CS4 Irvine
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Medical Sciences - ARC
Adobe Reader  All
Adobe Shockwave Player  All
Aptos Anywhere  Swallowgate
ArcGIS  Bute, Butts Wynd 1 & 2 & Irvine
Cancel  All
Cog Demos  All
Datastream  Main Library (No's 12,13 & 14) & United College (21 & 22)
Endnote  All
F-secure  All
Firefox  All
GMetrix  All
Google Chrome  All
HEC-GeoHMS  Irvine
HEC-GeoRAS  Irvine
HEC-HMS  Irvine
HEC-RAS  Irvine
IPA Compatible FONT  All
Java  All
KX Butts Wynd 1 & Swallowgate
Labview Physics
Matlab  All
Mendeley Desktop  All
Microsoft Office  All
Microsoft Project Standard  Swallowgate
Microsoft Visio Standard  Swallowgate
Milestone  Medical Sciences
MRIcron  All
National Instruments CVI  Physics
National Instruments Labview  Physics
National Instruments Max  Physics 
NJStar Communicator  All
NPM  All
Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise  All
Ox  All
Ox Results  All
Panopto Recorder  Teaching PC's
PIP  Modern Languages - MMC
Productivity Suite  Irvine
PsychtoolBox  All
Read & Write  All
SITS  Bute, Butts Wynd 1, Irvine, Swallowgate and teaching room PC's
Skype for Business  All
Spyder - Python  All
StanCalLit  Modern Languages - MMC
Televic  Butts Wynd 1 and Modern Languages - MMC
TextPad  All
Turning Point  Teaching Room PC's
VLC Player  All
Zleaf  United Colleges

Apps Anywhere

Software TitleAvailable for Personal device on campus (Windows)Available for Personal device off campus (Windows)Mac OSX (Remote App)
Adlib Museum Lite  No No No
AMOS No  No Yes
ApE Yes Yes Yes
ArcGIS Yes No Yes
Arduino  No No No
Arguslab  Yes Yes Yes
Audacity  Yes Yes Yes
ChemDraw  No No No
CLEA Yes Yes Yes
Compass and Ruler  No No No
Crystal Diffract  No No No
Crystal Maker  No No No
Dataview  Yes Yes Yes
Diamond  Yes Yes Yes
Eviews  No No No
Filezilla Yes Yes Yes
FreeIAT  Yes Yes Yes
G-power No No Yes
GAP  Yes Yes Yes
GeoDa  No No Yes
GeoGebra Yes  Yes  Yes 
GPS Photo Tagger  Yes Yes  Yes 
Google Earth Yes Yes Yes
GPower No No Yes
GramEx  Yes  Yes Yes 
Grammatica No No  No
GWR  Yes Yes   Yes
LaTeX  Yes  Yes  Yes
LibreOffice Yes Yes   Yes
Maclogic  Yes Yes   No
MacTutor  Yes Yes   No
Maple  Yes  No Yes 
Mathematica Yes  No  No
Mercury  No  No Yes
Mesquite  No No No
MestReNova  No No No
MindGenius No  No No 
Mindjet Yes Yes  No
Minitab  No  No Yes 
Molecular Weight Calculator No No  No
Move  Yes No  No
 MRIcro  No No  No 
 Neue Horizonte  Yes  Yes Yes
 NeuroSim  No No   No
 NVivo  No  No No 
 OpenBUGS  Yes Yes Yes
 Origin  No  No No
 Pandoc  Yes Yes Yes
 Petrel  No No No
 Physics Applets  Yes  Yes  No
 Psst!  Yes Yes Yes
 PsychoPy  No No  No
 PuTTY  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Pymol  Yes Yes Yes
 R and R- Studio  Yes  Yes Yes
SAO Image DS9 Yes Yes  Yes
 SAS 9.4 No No   No
 Sibelius No   No No 
 Single Crystal No   No No 
 SPSS Statistics  Yes No  Yes
Stata  No No  No 
VLC  No  No  No
 WinSCP  Yes  Yes  Yes
 XLPlot  Yes  Yes Yes 

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