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Dr Kleanthis Mantzouranis

Teaching fellow
Subhonours adviser (Semester 1)

Phone: 01334 462616

Room: S19

Research profile

Research Interests

History of Greek Political Thought; Greek Ethical and Political Philosophy (especially Plato and Aristotle); Greek Historiography; Social and Cultural History of Archaic and Classical Greece; Homer and Archaic Poetry.

Current research projects

My doctoral thesis focuses on the concepts of wealth and honour in Aristotle’s ethical and political treatises and investigates how traditional and contemporary beliefs (ta endoxa) shaped Aristotle’s discussion of the two concepts. The study of Aristotle’s ethical and political views, in particular his virtues of megaloprepeia and megalopsychia, drew my attention to the virtues that are thought to characterize exceptional individuals and led me to my current research project, which focuses on the concept of leadership in Greek thinking.



Mantzouranis, K. (forthcoming). ‘Homeric Courage in Aristotle’s Discussion of andreia’, in A. Efstathiou & I. Karamanou (eds), Homeric Receptions: Literature and the Performing Arts, Trends in Classics Supplementary Volumes (Berlin; New York: de Gruyter).


Mantzouranis, K. (2013). ‘Review: Aristotle as Poet: The Song for Hermias and its Contexts, A. L. Ford (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011)’, JHS 133, 189-90.


I teach courses in Greek and Latin language and literature including Catullus, Horace, Virgil, Homer, Theocritus and Longus.

Academic career

I studied Classics in Greece (BA in Classical Philology, University of Athens, 2001; MA in Classical Philology, University of Ioannina, 2004) and completed my PhD at UCL in 2012. Before coming to St Andrews, I worked as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at UCL (2008-11), as an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck College (2012-14), and as a Teaching Fellow at UCL (2012-14). I have also taught in secondary education both in Greece and the UK.

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