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Dr Emma Gee

Lecturer in Latin & Classical Studies
On leave (Semester 1)

Phone: 01334 462621

Room: S12

Research profile

Research Interests

  • Latin Literature
  • Greek Literature
  • Ancient Astronomy
  • Reception of ancient astronomy and literature in the Renaissance
  • Ideas of the Afterlife in philosophy and epic

Current research projects

  • Book (in progress): Mapping the Underworld in Greece and Rome.


Mapping the Afterlife: from Homer to Dante
Gee, E. R. G. 2018 (Accepted/In press) New York: Oxford University Press.
Research output: ResearchBook

Aratus and the Astronomical Tradition
Gee, E. R. G. 2013 New York: Oxford University Press. 309 p. (Classical Culture and Society)
Research output: ResearchBook

Ovid, Aratus and Augustus
Gee, E. R. G. 2000 Cambridge University Press.
Research output: ResearchBook


‘The Rising and Setting Soul in Lucretius, DRN 3’
Gee, E. R. G. 2018 (Accepted/In press) Lucretius in Theory. o'rourke, D. (ed.). Cambridge University Press
Research output: ResearchChapter

The Self in the Underworld
Gee, E. R. G. 2016 On the Psyche. wright, M. & wilkins, J. (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 28 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

‘Dogs, Snakes and Heroes': Hybridism and Polemic in Lucretius’ DRN
Gee, E. R. G. 2016 S.P. Oakley and R.L. Hunter edd., Latin Literature and its Transmission, 2016: 108-141: Papers in Honour of Michael Reeve. Hunter, R. & Oakley, S. (eds.). Cambridge University Press, p. 108-141
Research output: ResearchChapter

Cicero's Poetry
Gee, E. R. G. 2013 The Cambridge Companion to Cicero. Steel, C. (ed.). Cambridge University Press, p. 88-106 19 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

Borrowed Plumage: Literary Metamorphosis in George Buchanan's De Sphaera
Gee, E. R. G. 2009 George Buchanan: Poet and Dramatist. Ford, P. & Green, R. P. H. (eds.). Classical Press of Wales, p. 35-57 23 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

Astronomy and Philosophical Orientation in Classical and Renaissance Didactic Poetry
Gee, E. R. G. 2008 What Nature Does Not Teach: Didactic Literature in the Medieval and Early-Modern Periods. Ruys, J. (ed.). Brepols, p. 473-496
Research output: ResearchChapter

Vaga Signa: Orion and Sirius in Ovid's 'Fasti'
Gee, E. R. G. 2002 Ovid's 'Fasti': Historical Readings at its Bimillennium. Herbert-Brown, G. & ~Missing Data, . M. D. (eds.). Oxford University Press, p. 47-70
Research output: ResearchChapter


Quintus Cicero's Astronomy?
Gee, E. R. G. Dec 2007 In : The Classical Quarterly. 57, 2, p. 565-585 21 p.
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Cicero's Astronomy
Gee, E. R. G. Dec 2001 In : The Classical Quarterly. 51, 02, p. 520-536 17 p.
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


For further information on publications, please view my profile on the university's research portal.


  • Latin Language and Literature
  • Greek Language and Literature
  • Classical Civilisation (eg. Greek Mythology, Genres in Classical Literature)
  • Specialist Courses in the original languages or in translation

Academic Career

Dr Emma Gee studied at the Universities of Sydney and Cambridge. After graduating with a Ph.D. from Cambridge, for which she was awarded the thesis prize, she became Lecturer in Classics at the University of Exeter, UK (1997-2002). Her book on astronomy and the Roman calendar, 'Ovid, Aratus and Augustus', was published by Cambridge University Press in 2000. Her book 'Aratus and the Astronomical Tradition' came out in 2013.  She has completed the manuscript of her book 'Mapping the Afterlife', which is about landscapes and representations of the afterlife in Greece and Rome.  She has extracts from a verse translation of Lucretius published in Tellus 2015 and forthcoming in Agenda.

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