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Professor Jill Harries

Prof Jill Harries, picture by Mary WK

Emeritus Professor

Research Interests

Later Roman empire, History of Roman Gaul. History of Christianity, History of Women in Antiquity, Roman legal culture and society.

Current research projects

Vol. 7 of the Edinburgh History of Ancient Rome on the period from Diocletian to Julian (284-363).

I will then work up my ideas on Roman law and legal culture in I (under contract to Wiley-Blackwell) and, in more detail in a longer book, provisionally entitled Lawyers and Antiquity in Early Imperial Rome


Law and Empire: Ideas, Practices, Actors
Humfress, C., Duindam, J., Harries, J. D. & Hurvitz, N. 2013 Brill.
Research output: ResearchBook

Imperial Rome AD 284 to 363: The New Empire
Harries, J. D. Mar 2012 Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 382 p. (Edinburgh HIstory of Ancient Rome; vol. 7)
Research output: ResearchBook

Law and Crime in the Roman World
Harries, J. D. 2007 Cambridge University Press. 148 p.
Research output: ResearchBook

Cicero and the Jurists: from Citizens' Law to the Lawful State
Harries, J. D. 2006 Duckworth. 256 p.
Research output: ResearchBook

Modus Operandi: Essays in Honour of Professor G. E. Rickman
Smith, C. J., Austin, M. M. & Harries, J. D. 1998 BICS.
Research output: ResearchBook

Law and Empire in Late Antiquity
Harries, J. D. 1998 Cambridge University Press.
Research output: ResearchBook

Sidonius Apollinaris and the Fall of Rome
Harries, J. D. 1994 Oxford University Press.
Research output: ResearchBook


Roman Law from City State to World Empire
Harries, J. D. 2013 Law and Empire.: Ideas, Practices, Actors.. Duindam, J., Harries, J., Humfress, C. & Hurvitz, N. (eds.). Leiden: Brill, p. 45-61 16 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

'The Senatus Consultum Silanianum; court decisions and judicial severity in the early Roman Empire.'
Harries, J. D. 2013 New Frontiers: Law and Society in the Roman world. du Plessis, P. (ed.). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, p. 51-72 21 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

Encyclopaedias and Autocracy: Justinian's Encyclopaedia of Roman Law
Harries, J. D. 2013 Encyclopaedism from Antiquity to the Renaissance. König, J. & Woolf, G. (eds.). Cambridge University Press, p. 178-196 19 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

'The Law in Cicero's Writings'
Harries, J. D. 2013 Cambridge Companion to Cicero. Steel, C. (ed.). Cambridge University Press, p. 107-121 14 p.
Research output: ResearchChapter

Julian as author:  letters and legislation
Harries, J. D. 2012 Julian the Apostate: the emperor as author. Baker-Brian, N. & Tougher, S. (eds.). Classical Press of Wales
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Roman Law and Legal Culture'
Harries, J. D. 2012 Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity. Johnson, S. (ed.). Oxford University Press
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Courts and the Judicial System'
Harries, J. D. 2010 The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine. Hezser, C. (ed.). Oxford University Press, p. 85-101
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Roman Law
Harries, J. D. 2010 Oxford Handbook of Roman Studies. Scheidel, W. (ed.). Oxford University Press, p. 637-650
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Constantine the lawgiver'
Harries, J. D. 2010 From the Tetrarchy to the Theodosians. Later Roman History and Culture, 284-450 CE.. Sogno, C., McGill, S. & Watts, E. (eds.). Cambridge University Press, p. 73-92
Research output: ResearchChapter

'The impact of Christianity on religious law' and 'The Roman Jurists'
Harries, J. D. 2009 Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History. Lewis, A. (ed.). Oxford University Press
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Contextualising Torture.  Rules and conventions in the Roman Digest'
Harries, J. D. 2009 War, Torture and Terrorism. Rethinking the Rules of International Security. Lang, A. (ed.). Routledge, p. 39-53
Research output: ResearchChapter

'Tertullianus and son?'
Harries, J. D. 2009 A Wandering Galilaean: Essays in honour of Sean Freyne. Rogers, Z., Daly-Denton, M. & McKinley, A. F. (eds.). Brill, p. 385-400
Research output: ResearchChapter

Roman Law Codes and the Roman Legal Tradition
Harries, J. D. 2007 Beyond Dogmatics: Law and Society in the Roman World. Cairns, J. & du Plessis, P. (eds.). Edinburgh University Press, p. 85-104
Research output: ResearchChapter

Violence, Victims and the Legal Tradition in Late Antiquity
Harries, J. D. 2006 Violence in Late Antiquity. Perceptions and Practice. Drake, H. (ed.). Ashgate, p. 85-102
Research output: ResearchChapter

Cicero and the Law
Harries, J. D. 2004 Cicero the Advocate. Paterson, J. & Powell, J. (eds.). Oxford University Press, p. 147-163
Research output: ResearchChapter

Favor populi: pagans, Christians and public entertainment in late Antique Italy
Harries, J. D. 2003 Bread and Circuses: Euergetism and Municipal Patronage in Roman Italy. Lomas, K. & Cornell, T. (eds.). Routledge, p. 125-141
Research output: ResearchOther contribution

Creating Legal Space: Settling Disputes in the Roman Empire
Harries, J. D. 2003 Rabbinic Law in its Roman and Near Eastern Context. Hezser, C. (ed.). Mohr Siebeck, p. 63-81
Research output: ResearchChapter

Cicero and the Defining of the Ius Civile
Harries, J. D. 2002 Philosophy and Power in the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Miriam Griffin. Clark, G. & Rajak, T. (eds.). Oxford University Press, p. 51-68
Research output: ResearchOther contribution

Resolving Disputes: The Frontiers of Law in Late Antiquity
Harries, J. D. 2001 Law, Society and Authority in Late Antiquity. Mathisen, R. E. (ed.). Oxford University Press, p. 68-82
Research output: ResearchChapter

Legal culture and identity in the fifth-century west
Harries, J. D. 2000 Ethnicity and Culture in Late Antiquity. Mitchell, S. & Greatrex, G. (eds.). Duckworth, p. 45-57
Research output: ResearchOther contribution

Armies, emperors and bureaucrats
Harries, J. D. 2000 The Early Christian World. Esler, P. F. (ed.). Routledge, Vol. 1, p. 26-52
Research output: ResearchChapter

Harries, J. D. 1999 Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World. Bowersock, G. W., Brown, P. & Grabar, O. (eds.). Harvard University Press, p. 694-695
Research output: ResearchEntry for encyclopedia/dictionary

Constructing the judge: judicial accountability and the culture of criticism in late antiquity
Harries, J. D. 1999 Constructing Identities in Late Antiquity (Routledge). Miles, R. (ed.). p. 214-233
Research output: ResearchChapter

The Cube and the Square; masculinity and male social roles in Roman Boeotia
Harries, J. D. 1998 When Men were Men: Masculinity, Power and Identity in Classical Antiquity. Foxhall, L. & Salmon, J. (eds.). Routledge, p. 184-194
Research output: ResearchChapter

How to Make a Law Code
Harries, J. D. 1998 Modus Operandi Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Rickman, vol 71. Austin, M. M., Harries, J. D. & Smith, C. J. (eds.). BICS, p. 63-78
Research output: ResearchChapter


Superfluous Verbiage?: Rhetoric and Law in the Age of Constantine and Julian
Harries, J. D. 2011 In : Journal of Early Christian Studies. 19, 3, p. 345-374 30 p.
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

Cicero and societas.
Harries, J. D. 2010 In : Annaeus. p. 151-160 10 p.
Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle


Episcopal Elections 250-600. Hierarchy and Popular Will in Late Antiquity
Harries, J. Oct 2011 In : Classical Review. 61, 2, p. 568-571 5 p.
Research output: Research - peer-reviewBook/Film/Article review


For further information on publications, please view my profile on the university's research portal.

Research students

A number of doctoral theses successfully completed over the years, especially on aspects of Late Antique religious experience; for example, the Church in Northern Italy; and John Cassian. Several former doctoral students are now in academic jobs in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the USA.

Current doctoral students are researching on constitutionalism in the Late Roman Republic; the reception of Cicero in the US; and Aulus Gellius.

Academic career

Educated at Somerville College, Oxford (1969-73 and 1974-76), First Class Honours in Classics (Literae Humaniores) in Honour mods (1971) and Finals (1973). D.Phil. (1981). Lecturer in Ancient History at St Andrews (1976), appointed Professor (1997). Kennedy Scholar at Harvard (1973-74); Visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford (1996-97) and Bird Fellow at Emory, USA (2003). Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (1986).