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St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral - 1318 from The Open Virtual Worlds Group on Vimeo.

It was important to test the new methodology developed on the Sparta Basilica project by applying it to another building. To do this we decided to focus on the St Andrews Cathedral with the collaboration of Art History. This allowed our researchers and developers hands on access to the site, which combined with our experience of the Acropolis Basilica, has helped us produce a more detailed reconstruction. The reconstructions were created by Alan Miller, Colin Allison, Iain Oliver and Sarah Kennedy.

The virtual reconstruction of St Andrews Cathedral will continue to be used in research, teaching and public knowledge.

  • Visitors can move around and experience the virtual space
  • Information about the monuments and our reconstruction will be provided at key points

The reconstruction will be made freely available at the Historic Scotland interpretative centre as well as on the project website.

reconstruction of St Andrews cathedral
St Andrews Cathedral and St Rules reconstruction view from South east

View of the Cathedral  and St Rules as it is today

Exploring the reconstructions

The Bridges Collection