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Postgraduate research

Current PhD research

The Tyrants of Diodorus
by Philip Baiocchi , supervised by Dr Sian Lewis

Provisional title:  The interrelations of social power networks in the western part of the Roman Empire
by Pawel Borowski , supervised by Myles Lavan

The Representation of Edge-Space in Ancient Greek Tragedy
by Chloe Bray, supervised by Dr Jon Hesk and Prof. Jason König

The Influence of Achaemenid Royal Ideology on the Histories of Alexander the Great
by Laura Conroy, supervised by Prof. Tom Harrison

Law, Legal Provisions and Institutions in Ovid's Poetry
by Sara Eusebi, supervised by Dr Nikoletta Manioti, Dr Emma Buckley

Area Studies in Crete and the Cyclades following the Late Bronze Age dislocation: 1600-480 B.C.
by Doug Forsyth, supervised by Professor Rebecca Sweetman

Settlement and contact on Late Roman and Byzantine Naxos
by Hallvard Rübner Indgjerd, supervised by Professor Rebecca Sweetman

Literary Constructions of the Roman Emperor in Latin Biography
by Consuelo Martino, supervised by Dr Alice Koenig (St Andrews) and Prof. Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh)

'The legend of Idomeneus in Graeco-Roman literature and its reception in Western Europe
by Colin McLaren, supervised by Dr J Hesk & Dr E Buckley

Cult Texts and their Reception in Borges, Eco and Graves
by Jenny Messenger, supervised by Classics: Dr Crystal Addey; Dr Emma Buckley. Modern Languages: Dr Eleni Kefala

The Greek athlete: self-representation, civic identities and their political context in the Hellenistic and Imperial Period.
by Georgios Mouratidis, supervised by Prof. Jason K?nig

A commentary on book 5 of Achilles Tatius’ Leucippe and Clitophon
by Jo Norton-Curry, supervised by Professor Jason König

Women in the Latin Comedy in Roman dress (Comoedia Togata)
by Giuseppe Eugenio Rallo, supervised by Dr. Giuseppe Pezzini (St Andrews) Prof. Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow)

Ovid and Statius: Politics and Poetics of the Thebaid’s Ovidian intertexts
by Tommaso Spinelli, supervised by Drs. Alice König and Emma Buckley

Reflections of Theoria in the Eastern Mediterranean: Exile, Homecoming, and Reintegration in Archaic Greek and Middle and Late Egyptian Narrative Poetry
by Maxwell G. Stocker, supervised by Professor Thomas Harrison and Dr. Angela McDonald

Roman Networks: Developing Inter-Regional Connections and Expressions of Identity
by Mikel Wein, supervised by Prof. Rebecca Sweetman & Dr Carlos Machado

Spartan austerity between 650 to 350 BCE
by Jackie Whalen, supervised by Prof. Rebecca Sweetman

Completed theses online