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Classical studies

What is Classical Studies and why study it?

The civilizations of Greece and Rome continue to fascinate the modern mind. They are both remote in time, and yet still close to us. This is partly because we owe to the classical world so many of the values and ideas which shape our society, literature and art, partly because many of the important moral and political issues which continue to exercise us in the twenty-first century were first addressed in the ancient world. In exploring the ancients we learn something about ourselves as well. Over a third of all students in the Arts Faculty at St Andrews take one or more of the classical subjects - a recognition of the value of studying the classical world.

Classical studies at St Andrews

Though the degree in Classical Studies is relatively new, it is built upon a long tradition. Classics has been taught at St Andrews since the foundation of the University in the fifteenth century, and the Classics departments enjoy a high reputation, not only in Britain but throughout the world. Because texts are studied in translation for Classical Studies, a greater amount of material can be covered, so that the degree is one of remarkable range and depth. Specialists in Greek, Latin and Ancient History work closely together to provide a course which combines the study of history and literature, Greece and Rome, art and thought. There is no compulsory linguistic element to the course although you do have the option to try some ancient Greek or Latin at beginners level, and pursue the language if you wish.

Classical studies

What the students say

"The Classics staff are very friendly and always accessible to students."

"The lectures are generally well delivered, and unlike many subjects the reading is a pleasure."

"All in all, if you are interested in gaining a good grounding in ancient thought and society, this course is extremely useful."

Undergraduate enquiries

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