Dr Eoin O'Donoghue

Dr Eoin O'Donoghue

Lecturer in Ancient History

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I undertook my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Classics at NUI Galway where I wrote a PhD thesis on Etruscan gender identities. I have previosuly worked in Ireland (NUI Galway), Canada at (Brock University), and the UK (King’s College London). I came to St Andrews in September 2019.


  • I presently lecture and teach on a number of sub-Honours modules in Ancient History and Classical Studies. I also contribute to the team-taught Honours module, Principles and Techniques in Archaeology. In 2021-22 I am offering an Honours module on the Punic Mediterranean. 
  • In 2021-22 I am co-ordinating ID2006: Introduction to Archaeology.
  • I contribute a number of seminars to various modules in the MLitt programme.

Research areas

  • Etruscan, Roman, and Punic archaeology and history
  • Italy in the first-millennium BCE
  • Gender and social identifies in pre-Roman central Italy, esp. masculinities
  • Field archaeology, esp. Pantelleria and Central Italy

My research considers the archaeology and history of the Western Mediterranean, especially Italy, in the first-millennium BCE. I am interested in questions of gender and social identities, cultural and socio-political change in Hellenistic Italy, as well as early Roman imperialism. Many of these interests derive from my ongoing archaeological fieldwork and presently I am involved with two projects. Firstly, I have been a member of the Poggio Civitate Excavation Project since 2009; the site based near Murlo (Prov. di Siena), has for over a half-century centred on the excavation of an Etruscan settlement on the hill of Poggio Civitate spanning the 8th through late-6th centuries BCE comprising a series of élite and non-élite structures. Most recently I have been working in the nearby town of Vescovado di Murlo excavating and re-examining previously excavated areas of a modest Etruscan settlement dating to the 4th-2nd centuries BCE. This forms part of a long-term plan to investigate potential dependent and subordinate communities that existed in the hinterlands surrounding Poggio Civitate. Secondly, I am assistant director for the Brock University  project on the island of Pantelleria (Prov. di Trapani) where, since 2015, I have been working on the excavation of a Punic and later Roman sanctuary site on the edge of a volcanic crater-lake, known locally as the Lago di Venere.

Current Research

  • I am currently in the process of completing a monograph based on my doctoral work on gender identities in Archaic central Italy, specifically examining burial and iconographic evidence during this period with a focus on the construction of masculinities and a society that revolved around a system of hegemonic masculinities.
  • I am finishing a volume that will publish the excavations I led of the Hellenistic period Etruscan settlement in Vescovodo di Murlo with the Poggio Civitate Excavation Project. The volume also includes the publication of previous excavations and a number of tomb groups recovered from the area.

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