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Research seminars 2018 - 2019

03 May 2019 Speaker: John Bennet, Huw Halstead and Daniel Knight
The British School at Athens and its work in 2018
02 May 2019 Speaker: Ian Haynes
Blood of the Provinces
Talk hosted by the Student Archaeological Society of St. Andrews
26 April 2019 Speaker: Christoph Lundgreen (Dresden)
4 Dimensions of Staatlichkeit in the Early Greek World
24 April 2019 Speaker: Mike Bishop
The defense of heritage and the heritage of defense. Endangered Roman Military Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa
Talk hosted by the Student Archaeological Society of St. Andrews
17 April 2019 Speaker: Andrea Brock (St Andrews)
The Eternal City Rises: reconstructing the dynamic landscape of Rome's original harbour
12 April 2019 Speaker: Martin Revermann
Translation and Performance
Inaugural Annual Lecture for the Centre for the Public Understanding of Greek and Roman Drama
09 April 2019 Speaker: Jan Willem Drijvers, (Groningen)
The forgotten emperor Jovian (363-364) between history and legend
05 April 2019 Speaker: Bryan Ward-Perkins
Archaeology and the End of Antiquity
Talk hosted by the Student Archaeological Society of St. Andrews 
03 April 2019 Speaker: Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner (Tubingen)
Quoddam sacerdotium: the Mysteries of the State and the Self-perceptions of the late Roman bureaucratic elite
Annual Lecture for the Centre for Late Antique Studies
15 March 2019 Speaker: Elena Isayev (Exeter)
Rome is not a space on a map. Intersections and thresholds within the unmapped historical landscape of place
Annual Lecture for the Centre for Landscape Studies
08 March 2019 Speaker: Matt Simonton (Arizona)
“I Am Your Voice”: Demagogues and Popular Culture in Ancient Greece
06 March 2019 Speaker: Alessandro Schiesaro (Manchester)
Roman Apocalypses and the Future of Empire
Annual lecture for the Centre for the Literatures of the Roman Empire
05 March 2019 Speaker: Jason Moralee (University of Massachusetts)
Love, Hatred, and Madness: The Emotional Lives of the Capitolium
27 February 2019 Speaker: Nikoletta Manioti (St Andrews)
Writing Sisters: from Iphthime’s ε?δωλον to unanima soror
20 February 2019 Speaker: Pavlos Avlamis (King’s London)
Pagan vision and Christian voice in Eudocia’s De martyrio sancti Cypriani
15 February 2019 Speaker: Jane Draycott (Glasgow)
Prostheses in Classical Antiquity: Everything you Never Knew you Wanted to Know
06 February 2019 Speaker: Anke Walter (Newcastle)
Celebrating (in) exile. Festive days in Ovid’s Tristia
30 January 2019 Speaker: Matthew Skuse (St Andrews)
Fabricating fertility: faience #aegyptiaca in the Early Iron Age Mediterranean
06 December 2018 Speaker: Professor Gareth Williams (University of Columbia)
 'Making an Impression: Pietro Bembo, Mount Etna, and the Venetian Printing Press'
Public lecture hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
30 November 2018 Speaker: Henriette van der Blom
Caesar the orator in retrospect
28 November 2018 Speaker: Anna Lefteratou (Heidelberg)
Maria's Lament in the Homeric Centos, an early Marian Thernos.
A work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
23 November 2018 Speaker: Lucy Grig (Edinburgh)
Lived religion as popular culture in Late Antiquity
A work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
21 November 2018 Speaker: Lucy Jackson (KCL)
John the Baptist and Euripidean Models of Morality in Buchanan’s Baptistes and Grimald’s Archipropheta
16 November 2018 Speaker: Rebecca Laemmle (Basel/Cambridge)
Curriculum vitarum: Metempsychosis (Pythagoras, Empedokles) and Homeric reception
09 November 2018 Speaker: Elisa Merisio (Rome, La Sapienza)
The metrical funerary inscriptions from Phrygia under the Roman Empire: Greek paideia and local identity.
A work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
07 November 2018 Speaker: Dawn Hollis (St Andrews)
Of Alpinists and Elephants: Modern Perspectives on Ancient Ascents
02 November 2018 Speaker: Barbara Borg (Exeter)
Family matters: the long life of Roman tombs
31 October 2018 Speaker: Jenny Messenger (St Andrews)
Labyrinths of Analogy: Suzanne Lilar (1901-1992) and Neoplatonism
A work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
19 October 2018 Speaker: Ergun Lafli (Dokus Eylul, Izmir)
Archaeology and history of Lydia from the early Lydian period to late antiquity (8th century B.C.-6th century A.D.)
17 October 2018 Speaker: Richard Rawles (Edinburgh)
Callimachus’ epigram for his father
12 October 2018 Speaker: Gianfranco Agosti (La Sapienza)
The Dark Side of the Nile. Greek and Coptic Paideia in Late Antiquity
05 October 2018 Speaker: Erica Bexley (Durham)
Character Embodied: Seneca’s Phaedra
03 October 2018 Speaker: Vassiliki Panoussi (William & Mary)
The Goddess Isis in Vergil and Ovid: Gender, Ethnicity, and Roman Identity
26 September 2018 Speaker: Lenia Kouneni (St Andrews)
From spiritual visions to archaeological digs: David Russell and The Walker Trust excavations of the Great Palace in Constantinople
21 September 2018 Speaker: Onno Van Nijf (Groningen)
Connecting the Greeks: festival networks in the Hellenistic and Roman periods
19 September 2018 Speaker: Michael Hanaghan (Cork)
Praise, Blame, and Roman Emperors: A Visual Study of Constantius II in Epideictic Literature

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