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Research seminars 2017 - 2018

23 May 2018 Speaker: Natasha Constantinidou (Cyprus)
Greek printing in Paris in the sixteenth-century
27 April 2018 Speaker: David Moffitt (St Andrews)
Visual exegesis of the Epistle to the Hebrews in San Vitale, Ravenna
Work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
25 April 2018 Speaker: Theodora Jim (Lancaster)
A World of Saviours: "salvation" (soteria) and "saving" Gods in Ancient Greece
18 April 2018 Speaker: Elizabeth Irwin (Columbia)
Thucydides’ Periclean Speeches
13 April 2018 Speaker: Alessandro Launaro (Cambridge)
The transformations of Roman Italy: the view from Interamna Lirenas
06 April 2018 Speaker: Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University)
Herodotus’ Egypt in the Age of Enlightenment
Distinguished Visiting Scholar 2017-8
04 April 2018 Speaker: James Palmer (St Andrews)
Science and belief in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
16 March 2018 Speaker: Arianna Gullo (Durham)
Late antique epigrams as historical sources? A case study from the age of Justinian
Work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
14 March 2018 Speaker: Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (St Andrews)
Greek bodies at the margins: Disability, prosthetics and votive dedications
09 March 2018 Speaker: Stephen Harrison (Swansea)
The “Porus coinage” of Alexander the Great: A Near-Eastern Perspective
07 March 2018 Speaker: Silke Diederich (Cologne)
A Commentary on the Tabula Peutingeriana.
02 March 2018 Speaker: Alessandro Schiesaro (Manchester)
POSTPONED: Roman Apocalypses and the future of Empire
Annual Lecture hosted by the Centre for the Literatures of the Roman Empire The event has been POSTPONED due to adverse weather conditions and travel warnings. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
23 February 2018 Speaker: Gianfranco Agosti (La Sapienza, Rome)
Everyday poetry in Late Antiquity. Greek verse inscriptions and classical paideia
Work in progress seminar hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
21 February 2018 Speaker: Silvia Orlandi (La Sapienza, Rome)
Speeches on stone: a roadmap towards Late Antiquity through epigraphy 
Annual lecture hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Studies
14 February 2018 Speaker: Rebecca Usherwood (St Andrews University)
Becoming an Emeritus Emperor: definition, communication, and confusion
09 February 2018 Speaker: Richard Marshall (Glasgow)
Themistius reads Suetonius
31 January 2018 Speaker: Michael Carroll (St Andrews)
The guises of Dike: human and divine justice in the Oresteia
24 November 2017 Speaker: Stefano Rebeggiani (Southern California)
Agamemnon in Rome: reading Aeschylus in an ideological climate
17 November 2017 Speaker: Katharine Earnshaw (Exeter)
Lively Nature
10 November 2017 Speaker: Claudia Beltrao (Rio de Janeiro)
Cicero on the image and knowledge of the gods: questions on vocabulary
03 November 2017 Speaker: Giuseppe Pezzini (St Andrews)
The Comedy of Realism: a short history of an idea.
20 October 2017 Speaker: Hannah Willey (Cambridge)
 Negotiating Communities through Cult Foundation Narratives.
13 October 2017 Speaker: Ana Kotarcic (Leuven)
σ?μβολον and σημε?ον in the Corpus Aristotelicum
06 October 2017 Speaker: Andrea Rotstein (Tel Aviv)
The Poetics of Redundancy in Vergil’s Aeneid
29 September 2017 Speaker: Kim Czajkowski (Edinburgh)
Law and Administration at the Edges of the Empire: The Case of Dura-Europos.
22 September 2017 Speaker: Chris Dickenson (Aarhus)
The sacred power of votive statues - the Artemision at Messene as a case study

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