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Research seminars 2015 - 2016

21 April 2016 Speaker: John Oakley (William and Mary)
Daily life on Athenian Vases
Please note that this seminar is on a Thursday.
15 April 2016 Speaker: Liz Pender (Leeds)
Socrates Framed: The Platonic Art of Scene Painting
01 April 2016 Speaker: Eric Csapo (Sydney/Institute for Classical Studies)
Choregic Dedications and What They Tell Us about Comic Performance in the Fourth Century BC
11 March 2016 Speaker: Sofia Xenofontos (Glasgow)
How to treat anxiety: Galen's ethical philosophy in his essay Peri alypias
04 March 2016 Speaker: Antti Lampinen (St Andrews)
Stay who you were. Keeping the Roman provinces and provincials 'ethnic'
26 February 2016 Speaker: Bryan Ward-Perkins (Oxford)
‘Documenting the emergence of the Cult of Saints: possibilities and challenges’
Professor Ward–Perkins’ paper will launch the St Andrews Centre for Late Antiquity and will be followed by a drinks reception in the School of Classics.
19 February 2016 Speaker: Ian Repath (Swansea)
 Achilles Tatius: Bellies, Births, and Bastards
12 February 2016 Speaker: Candace Rice (Edinburgh)
Regional specialization and economic development in the Roman period: a view from southern Turkey
05 February 2016 Speaker: Myles Lavan (St Andrews)
Rethinking the spread of Roman citizenship in the provinces
29 January 2016 Speaker: Brian McGing (Trinity Dublin)
Revolting subjects, ancient and modern: Thebes (Egypt) 207 BC, Delhi 1857, Dublin 1916-1921
27 November 2015 Speaker: Joe Skinner (Newcastle)
Neglected Ethnographies: the visual and material
20 November 2015 Speaker: Ben Russell (Edinburgh)
North Africans in Roman art
13 November 2015 Speaker: Tim Rood (Oxford)
Cyrus the Ethnographer: The End of Herodotus’ Histories Revisited
06 November 2015 Speaker: Molly Swetnam Burley (William & Mary)
A Model Marriage? Narrating the Courtship of Mars and Venus in Word and Image
30 October 2015 Speaker: Shaul Tor (KCL)
On second thoughts, does nature love to hide? Heraclitus B123 reconsidered
23 October 2015 Speaker: Elina Pyy (Helsinki/St Andrews)
To be Roman, be a man?   Constructions of masculinity in Flavian epic
16 October 2015 Speaker: Fred Hirt (Liverpool)
Of Coiling Snakes and Lost Heroes – Tyrian Coin Motifs and the Phoenician Past
09 October 2015 Speaker: Aaron Pelttari (Edinburgh)
Authors Old and New in the Writing of Sidonius Apollinaris
07 October 2015 Speaker: Gillian Clark (Bristol)
Speaking to the community: late antique sermons as political oratory
Please note: this seminar will be in School II, St Salvator's Quad.
02 October 2015 Speaker: Esther Eidinow (Nottingham)
Did She Jump or Was She Pushed? An Exploration of Greek Mythemes
25 September 2015 Speaker: Daniel King (Exeter)
Pain, pleasure and narrative in the Ideal Greek Romances
23 September 2015 Speaker: Glenn Most (Chicago)
The annunciation to Mary: reading between image and text
18 September 2015 Speaker: Alex Long (St Andrews)
Suicide, gods and the city in Greek philosophy

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